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Download microsoft partner software

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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Partner Membership Discussions Discuss Competencies, Enrollment, MAPS and Renewals topics Browse the communities below to learn more about the partner ecosystem, discover new tools and resources, build relationships with other partners globaly or locally. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Visitor 1. What is the exact url for the action pack download page?

Labels: Labels: Program Resources. Level 2 Contributor. No, the access is only provided through Partner Center Dashboard. Select the software product of interest, then find the instructions for that product by selecting the dropdown symbol in line with the product name.

If a product requires a product key for installation, you'll be prompted to enter a product key during the installation process.

You can get product keys from the same pane in Partner Center where you select the version of software that you wanted to download. Software installed on the same machine with no significant hardware changes isn't counted as a product activation.

Software installed on the same machine with significant hardware changes counts one product activation. Manage your Microsoft Cloud Partner Program benefits and offers. Use technical support incidents to get product technical support. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported.

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Key management service KMS keys are not allowed, even upon request. KMS distributes licenses to clients, and those licenses usually remain active for days before a device tries to renew the activation.

That means a device will be activated and will run for some time before any issues arise. If a customer deploys a new multiple activation key MAK during the day period, either manually or with a script using slmgr.

If a customer doesn't deploy the new MAK during the day period and tries to renew the license later, the device could become limited or blocked for some functionality until it's reactivated. For assistance with this type of deployment, you can submit a Technical Presales and Deployment services request. For auditing or compliance purposes, you may need to check a list of users who have either accessed server subscription software keys or downloaded server subscription software.

You must be a Global administrator , Account admin , Referral admin , or Marketing content admin to see these activity logs. To check users who have accessed server subscription software keys or downloaded server subscription software:. Sign in to Partner Center and select the Settings gear icon. The activity log displays a list of users who have accessed software keys or downloaded software during the time you specified.

Along with specifying the duration of a software subscription, partners can also specify the billing frequency of some software subscriptions, splitting large payments into several smaller charges paid over the term of the subscription. Doing so puts more expensive services within the reach of smaller businesses by reducing cash-flow pressure.

You can see the billing plans that are available on the review screen at Partner Center prior to purchasing. To set billing frequency, select a billing cycle of Monthly, Annual , or Triennial , depending on customer needs and the billing plans that are available for the software subscriptions you're buying. Cancellation isn't available after seven days. If you don't cancel a subscription, you're billed for the full term even if the customer stops paying for or using the subscription applicable to any billing plan.

Select Yes, cancel to acknowledge that you have read the message in the dialog box and to confirm your intent to cancel the software subscription. You can cancel a perpetual software purchase within 30 days of the purchase date and not be charged an early termination fee. You can't cancel a perpetual software purchase after 30 days. You might be given a link to a Customer support request if we need more information about your cancellation request. A message confirming your cancellation appears when you cancel an order.

However, there may be a delay of up to 15 minutes before the cancellation appears on the Partner Center. Select a customer from the list, then select Software to see a list of software purchased for the customer.

From the Order number drop-down list, select the order ID number that you want to cancel. You can learn more about an order or an order ID number from the customer's Order history page. Select the checkbox to acknowledge that you have read the important message concerning cancellation.

If you want to cancel multiple orders, perform steps three through five again for each order ID number. All related software keys and download links are revoked. This revocation means you and your customer can no longer use the software keys and download links for the canceled purchase.

You and your customer are responsible for discontinuing the use of all canceled software. For competency partners: licenses can be shared across countries, but the total number of licenses used within a partner organization cannot exceed the per country or worldwide maximum license cap.

Partners can share licenses only within the organization 1 that earns these licenses�between the headquarters location and any of its associated locations. These locations must be associated with the headquarters location at the Partner Membership Center to be eligible for this benefit.

Partners cannot share licenses across separate organizations. If these locations or organizations are part of the same company conducting the same business for example, developing and selling the same products and services , Microsoft Cloud Partner Program will view these locations as a single partner entity for the purposes of license grants and maximum grant limits.

Software Updates table. The Visual Studio subscriptions granted to your organization through the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program have different use rights than those purchased through retailers or Microsoft Volume Licensing specialists.

For instance, the Visual Studio subscriptions cannot be used by partners for client specific solutions because this is a direct-revenue generating activity. For complete details, refer to the overview on the Visual Studio subscriptions page or the Product Usage Guide. Product Usage Guide.

The Windows client licenses granted through the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program are upgrade licenses only. To apply these usage licenses to computers within your environment, each of the computers must have a preexisting, qualifying operating system license that is, a license for Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Professional, or Windows 8 Pro. Note: home editions are not considered a qualified operating system and are not eligible for a Windows 8 or 8.

The product keys and the software bits provisioned through this program will allow for a clean or custom install of the software, thus providing the opportunity to customize the installation to suit your needs.

Product activation is required for Windows Server and client operating systems and all Microsoft Office client applications. Product keys for these products are issued with a finite number of activations. The way that product activation keys are consumed is different for Action Pack subscribers and competency partners.

For competency partners, each time a machine is activated, one of the product activations for that particular product key is consumed; this includes situations in which the same machine is reimaged and activated. For this reason, the number of licenses your organization is entitled to and the number of activations it has been assigned are not the same.

Note : If a key is provided for a product, it can be used to activate the product for internal use. Partners should not activate the products used for training and demonstration. Partner Volume Activation Guide.

There are no exceptions to this policy. You can use any combination of methods and keys that you have acquired through various Microsoft programs to activate machines, depending on your business and infrastructure needs, as long as the systems are properly licensed and appropriate use rights are applied. Product keys are used during the installation or activation process for software, and tokens are used to redeem cloud services. Your cloud services entitlement terminates at the conclusion of your program enrollment year.

You can continue to have access to your cloud services benefits past your program enrollment end date, but you will no longer have use rights through the program. During the program year, your organization will be issued additional tokens as you qualify for more seats.

A new set of tokens will be issued when you renew your subscription or program membership each year. If you do not renew your membership, you must purchase the cloud services through Volume License. Other SKUs cannot be used on the same tenant. Your organization can switch users between on-premises and Office at any time during the subscription or program year, as long as you do not exceed your license entitlement.

For complete details, refer to the Product Usage Guide. A Microsoft Organization Account also referred to as a Microsoft Account for Organizations is specific to accessing Microsoft cloud services for your organization.

This process will create an Organization Account. After you have signed up for your first service, Microsoft recommends that you continue using the same tenant administrator account associated with your organization that you received when signing up. Skip to Main Content. Sign in. Search Clear Recent. Frequently asked questions If you have questions that have not been addressed here, contact your local Regional Service Center.

Regional Service Center. Licenses Product keys and tokens Cloud services Licenses. Can partners share licenses earned between locations?

Licenses can be shared. Does the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program grant downgrade rights? The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program does not offer downgrade rights. Are there different terms of use for Visual Studio subscriptions granted through the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and those purchased through retailers or Volume Licensing specialists? Visual Studio subscriptions page Product Usage Guide.