2013 suzuki gsxr 1000 service manual pdf download
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2013 suzuki gsxr 1000 service manual pdf download professional ppt templates free download

2013 suzuki gsxr 1000 service manual pdf download

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They may not represent the actual motorcycle exactly in detail. English suzuki gsx r k2 service bulletin. Spanish gsx r k7 service manual espanol. English suzuki gsx r English suzuki gsx r service manual. English suzuki gsx r k3 service bulletin.

English suzuki gsxr k5 manual taller ingles. English suzuki gsxr k2 wiring. English suzuki gsxr k2 service manual update. English suzuki gsxr k2 service bulletins. English suzuki gsx r service manual Register Pernament. JavaScript is disabled Sorry, your browser does not support JavaScript! Other information considered as generally known is not included. The text of this manual is divided into sections. Holding the manual as shown at the right will allow you to find the first page of the section easily.

Page 5 Use engine coolant. Use fork oil. Pay special attention to the mes- sages highlighted by these signal words. Vehicle Identification Number 1 is stamped on the right side of the steering head pipe. Suzuki recommends the use of SAE 10W engine oil. If SAE 10W engine oil is not available, select an alternative according to the following chart. If this is not available, use an equivalent which is compatible with an aluminum radiator.

Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped Rear suspension Link type, coil spring, oil damped Front fork stroke Mileages are expressed in terms of kilome- ters, miles and time for your convenience. NOTE: More frequent servicing may be required on motorcycles that are used under severe conditions.

Major lubrication points are indicated below. Brake lever holder Brake pedal pivot and footrest pivot Clutch lever holder Side-stand pivot Footrest pivot and and spring hook Replace every 18 km 11 miles, 36 months. Page Exhaust Control Valve Oil and filter change : 3. If the lock-nuts are loose, adjust the cable play and tighten the lock-nuts. Inspect the throttle valve synchronization periodically. Replace engine coolant every 2 years.

Clean and lubricate every 1 km miles. Visually check the drive chain for the possible defects listed below. If the distance exceeds the 1 2 3 19 20 21 service limit, the chain must be replaced. Such oil can damage the O-rings. Suzuki rec- ommends to use this standard drive chain as a replacement. Replace hoses every 4 years. When the wear exceeds the grooved limit line, replace the pads with the new ones. Replace the reservoir cap to prevent dirt from enter- ing. It is highly recommended to replace a tire when the remaining depth of tire tread reaches the following specification.

Inspect the front forks for oil leakage, scoring or scratches on the outer surface of the inner tubes. Replace any defective parts, if necessary. Check that all chassis bolts and nuts are tightened to their specified torque. Refer to page for the loca- tions of the following nuts and bolts on the motorcycle.

The decision to overhaul the cylinder is often based on the results of a compression test. Periodic mainte- nance records kept at your dealership should include compression readings for each maintenance service.

This will give a good indication of the condition of the moving parts. Save the data in the computer or by printing and filing the hard copies.

The saved or filed data are useful for troubleshooting as they can be compared periodically with changes over time or failure conditions of the motorcycle. XXX mmHg Secondary valve moves approx. XX degree. XX sec. Refer to page listed in each section for removal and reinstallation instructions. Engine removal is sequentially explained in the following steps. Reinstall the engine by reversing the removal procedure. Organize the parts in their respective groups e.

NOTE: When loosening the cylinder head bolts, loosen each bolt little by little diagonally. NOTE: Do not drop the snap ring 1 into the crankcase. NOTE: Loosen the crankcase bolts diagonally with the smaller sizes first.

Organize the parts in their respective groups i. For intake side For exhaust side A 7 mm 0. If it is worn or damaged, replace the valve with a new one. NOTE: Cut only the minimum amount necessary from the seat to pre- vent the possibility of the valve stem becoming too close to the camshaft.

Fill the intake and exhaust ports with gasoline to check for leaks. If any defects are found, replace the clutch lifter drive cam and driven cam as a set. Page Replace the bearings if there is anything unusual. This mea- surement should be taken at the widest part of the com- pressed plastigauge.

Grasp by the edge of the bearing shell. This measure- ment should be taken at the widest part of the compressed plastigauge. Code O. L: Left-side thrust bearing R: Right-side thrust bearing NOTE: Pull the crankshaft to the generator side, so that there is no clearance on the right-side thrust bearing. NOTE: Apply engine oil to each running and sliding part before reas- sembling. Be sure to bring the marked side ring to the top when fitting it to the piston.

NOTE: When installing the pistons, the indent C of each piston head must be brought to the exhaust side. NOTE: Right-thrust bearing has green painting. NOTE: Align the C-ring with the groove of bearing and the bearing pin with the indent on the bearing. If necessary, replace it with a new one. NOTE: When installing the cylinder head, keep the cam chain taut.

Turn the exhaust camshaft so that the arrow is aligned with the gasket surface of the cylinder head. Connect the probe as shown to avoid opening of female ter- minal.

Such a wrong connection will damage the components of the FI system instantly when reverse power is applied. If no continuity is indicated infinity or over limit , the circuit is open between terminals A and C.

These compensations are determined according to the signals from various sensors that detect the engine and driving conditions.

To check the function of the individual FI system devices, the dealer mode is provided. Malfunction means that the ECM does not receive signal from the devices.

These affected devices are indicated in the code form. Connect the special tool Mode select switch to the dealer mode coupler at the wiring harness. If the throttle position sensor adjustment is necessary, loosen the screw and turn the throttle position sensor 1 and bring the line to the middle. For this purpose, use of such an inspection form such as below will facilitate collecting information required for proper analysis and diagnosis. Such disconnection will erase the memorized information in ECM memory.

Therefore, it is possible to know engine and driving conditions e. Go to step 2. Arrange 3 new 1. If OK, then check the TP sensor lead wire continuity. If OK, then measure the output voltage. If OK, then check the TO sensor lead wire continuity. Refer to the SDS operation manual for further details. At this time, if an operation sound is heard from the STVA, the function is normal. Go to Step 2. If OK, then check the FP relay.

Is the contacting OK? Go to Step 6. At this time, if an operation sound is heard from the cooling fan relay and cooling fan motor is operated, the function is normal. There is no fuel return hose. The fuel in the fuel tank is pumped up by the fuel pump and pressurized fuel flows into the injector installed in the fuel delivery pipe. If the fuel pump motor does not make operating sound, inspect the fuel pump circuit connections or inspect the fuel pump relay and tip-over sensor.

Keep heat, spark and flame away. It may cause damage to the throttle valve and throttle body. Organize the parts in their respective groups so that they can be reinstalled in their original positions. Make sure that each coupler is installed in the correct position. The color on each lead wire refers to the appropriate fuel injector. When the fast idle cam is turned by the secondary throttle valve actuator, the cam pushes the lever on the throttle valve shaft causing the throttle valve to open and raise the engine speed.

When the engine has warmed up, depending on the water tem- perature, ambient temperature and lapsed time, the fast idle is cancelled allowing the engine to resume idle speed. Refer to page for TPS setting procedure. EXCV is installed between the exhaust pipes and muffler. EXCVA is mounted on the right side of the seat rail. Be sure to adjust the No. First check the insulation between A and B terminals with tester.

If engine oil is leaking, visually inspect the oil seal and O-ring. If engine coolant is leaking, visually inspect the mechanical seal and seal washer. NOTE: If there is no abnormal condition, the oil seal removal is not nec- essary. NOTE: To prevent the pawl 2 from damage, insert the fastener all the way into the installation hole.

Page Reassembly And Installation 2. H: 11 mm 0. It is at stiffest position and turn it out to standard setting position. For E, 19 : 11 clicks out from stiffest position For E, 24, 28, 33 : 9 clicks out from stiffest position NOTE: Make sure to check the 1st click position by the last click sound when turning in the adjuster.

Do not support the motorcycle with exhaust pipe.

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WebDec 31, �� Suzuki GSX-R K3 K4 Service Manual ( - ) star(s) 0 ratings Downloads 6 Updated Jan 4, Service Manual Suzuki GSX-R L1 L2 . WebThe Suzuki GSXR repair manual is a pdf file and all you need to do is download it. It is written in English and has pages. The manual will guide you step-by-step how to . WebFeb 21, �� Has anyone found a download for service manual. I've searched for about a week and hit every link on this forum and in Google and can't one for model? GSX-R K4 - GSX-R K6 - GSX-R L1. Save Share. Reply Quote. WildRiceGSX-R A forum community dedicated to the Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle. .