1st year math book from punjab board pdf download
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1st year math book from punjab board pdf download dawlad

1st year math book from punjab board pdf download

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The Sindh board and KPK board have their separate books and syllabus. So, this book is only for Punjab boards and Federal board.

You can see 1st year math new pairing scheme in order to get an idea of new paper pattern. Our guess papers are very popular. Now download the book from the link given below the image. I have made it possible to reduce the memory of the pdf files so that you can easily and quickly download them. Download Book. No comments:. Related posts. Hazara University. Abdul Wali Khan University. University Results. Home News News Articles.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chapter 1 - Number Systems Exercise 1. Chapter 2 - Sets, Functions and Groups Exercise 2. Chapter 3 - Matrices and Determinants Exercise 3. Chapter 4 - Quadratic Equations Exercise 4. Chapter 5 - Partial Fractions Exercise 5. Chapter 6 - Sequence and Series Exercise 6.

Chapter 7 - Permutation, Combination and Probability Exercise 7. Chapter 9 - Fundamentals of Trigonometry Exercise 9. Chapter 10 - Trigonometric Identities Exercise Chapter 12 - Application of Trigonometry Exercise Chapter 13 - Inverse Trigonometric Functions Exercise Related Articles.

Exercise 2. Exercise 3. Missing notes 1 year mathematics chapter 7 exercise 7. Please upload the notes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. F printing press, Lahore, in April The book has two portions. The first portion about algebra starts from chapter 1. It ends in chapter 8, including the concepts of number systems, sets, matrices, quadratic equations, partial fractions, sequences, series, probability, and binomial theorem, which are the ones with which the students are already familiar to some extent, except the last three.

So the major part of this algebra portion is simply a kind of revision of your previous concepts. And the second portion, comprising of the last 6 chapters, is all about trigonometry.

Their properties and graphical representation are elaborated here. From this point onward, the chapter goes towards function and its types, which again is a previously studied concept. In this chapter, the new things are Linear and quadratic functions, the inverse of a function, binary operations, their properties, and groups.

Until this level, the students were only familiar with finding the determinant, adjoint, and inverse of a 2 by 2 matrix. Still, the chapter introduces the techniques for finding the determinants of greater order matrices, deriving techniques to find the solution of 2 or more homogenous and non-homogenous linear equations through matrices.

This is a lengthy chapter and requires lots of practice. An exciting chapter about second-degree equations in one and two variables and their solutions by different methods: the chapter also deals with solutions of the equation that are not quadratic but can be reduced to quadratic form by some substitutions. Cube roots and fourth roots of unity with their properties are discussed, followed by synthetic division. In this chapter, we generalize some fascinating results, i. This is the simplest chapter of all, which deals with the resolution of rational fractions into partial fractions discussing different cases and techniques.

This is also an extensive but simple chapter with new concepts of series and sequences and related terms such as the arithmetic progression, geometric progression, harmonic progression, and their relationship with each other. In the end, the chapter elaborates the sigma notation, which helps you write series in a compact form. The chapter deals with two simple and entirely new concepts of permutation and combination, which come into use when you are interested in finding how many possible ways are there to arrange a group of objects or people or anything.

And why would you ever wish to know how many possible ways are there? Well, actually, it is when you are in a situation where you need to decide or predict the outcomes of some experiment or event. It seems interesting, right? You can be a fortune teller if you know the participating variables well. Having its roots in chapter 6, the chapter moves forward with the summations towards a new mathematical induction concept. The chapter also describes a theorem that helps you expand an algebraic expression of two terms raised to any power, deducing some general results and, in the end, giving some applications of the theorem.

A fundamental chapter with all the basic trigonometry concepts discussed, including the important terms and standards to follow while dealing with trigonometry. A tiny chapter elaborates trigonometric functions through their graphical representation, discussing their domains and ranges with a fundamental periodicity concept.

Hard work awaits you here with a lot of derivations and results to memorize. Heretofore you will have covered all the basics of trigonometry. Thus, in this chapter, you will be able to manipulate the trigonometric equations very well, so this chapter is a step forward, leading to trigonometry finding its applications.

That is in the geometry of triangular systems alone and triangular systems in connection with circles. Chapter deals with inverse trigonometric functions that help find the angles for which the values of trigonometric functions are given. The chapter discusses the inverse trigonometric functions and their ranges, domains, curves, and addition and subtraction formulae, along with their proofs.

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FSC Math Book 1, Full Book, First Year Math Paper Pattern - Inter Part 1

WebMay 7, �� These Math notes include the solution of the complete book of Math 1st Year. In addition, you can easily download these Math notes or view them online. Click . WebBenefits of 1st Year Books PDF Download Free Punjab Board Syllabus In this post, I am sharing the 1st Year Books PDF of all subjects for 11th Class Students. Punjab . Web1st Year Mathematics Solved Notes PDF Download Punjab Board In English Students can get Punjab Board 1st Year Math Notes with solutions pdf free download chapter .