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Active voice and passive voice pdf free download spring cloud services version

Active voice and passive voice pdf free download

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As you are already aware, there are many rules that are followed in the English Language, especially grammar.

Right from the sentence structure, tenses, voice, usage of prepositions, nouns, etc. These rules are quite simple, even though at first they may appear complicated. When you follow these rules properly, you can master the English Grammar tricks with ease. Among these, there are questions related to active and passive voice. Let us look at this topic in detail. Through this article, you can easily get Active and Passive Voice Questions and Answers in pdf format which can be very useful for you.

Active voice In most English sentences with an action verb, the subject performs the action denoted by the verb. Passive voice One can change the normal word order of many active sentences those with a direct object so that the subject is no longer active, but is, instead, being acted upon by the verb � or passive. NOTE: Colorful parrots living in the rainforests cannot be changed to passive voice because the sentence does not have a direct object.

It is possible to do this. I would advise you not to get on the wrong side of your boss. The traitors should be shot dead. This is being taught by her. Call my neighbour immediately. Who completed it? Do they sell fruits? I bought a new dress last month. You are requested to dismiss him. Sumit will be visiting Delhi next week. Sameer could be doing anything else but sleep. The news surprised us. This box contains twelve coins. This form is more natural in English than A letter was sent to me by my friend.

Similarly: They offer Trevor a place. In the active voice some verbs are followed by the bare infinitive infinitive without to. In the passive form we use most such verbs with the infinitive with to. Active: We saw them come. She made him do it. Passive: They were seen to come. He was made to do it. But: They let us go. The passive is used: 1. If the action is more important then the agent. A demonstration has been held. This theatre was built in The important thing is what happened, not who did it.

If the agent is not known. He was offered a job. Someone offered him the job. They are supposed to be good students. Some teachers suppose that. A new house is built in our street. The house is finished. A new house is being built in our street. They are building it these days, it is not finished.

I was being introduced to Mrs. Jones when her husband arrived. Her husband arrived in the middle of the introduction. When her husband arrived I was introduced to Mrs. Her husband arrived first and then she introduced me. This form is typical of an impersonal and formal style, that is why you can often find it in public notices, announcements, instructions or scientific articles.

English is spoken in this shop. Visitors are not allowed to smoke. The seal must be removed. In a less formal style the active voice is more usual. He was seen in Dover. In the English language this form is more frequent than in many other languages. Moreover, you can find some stuctures in English which are not possible in some languages. I am told that you are going to have a baby. It is thought that the crises will end soon. Present continuous passive exercises PDF You are being silly.

It is being built. Mixed tenses passive exercises PDF Worksheets with answers practising passive in all tenses. Online exercises with answers: Passive voice exercise 1 complete Complete sentences with verbs in brackets. Passive voice The passive voice is used in the following tenses. Form The passive voice in English is formed with the verb to be and the past participle, which is different for regular verbs translated, mended and irregular verbs taken, thrown.

Direct and indirect objects If there are both direct and indirect objects in the active voice My friend sent me a letter , the indirect object my friend , not the direct object a letter , usually becomes the subject in the passive voice. The infinitive without to In the active voice some verbs are followed by the bare infinitive infinitive without to. Use The passive is used: 1. The difference in meaning between the simple and continuous A new house is built in our street.

Notes This form is typical of an impersonal and formal style, that is why you can often find it in public notices, announcements, instructions or scientific articles. About the author Privacy policy.

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