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How many types of file size we provide? Is it safe to download these test files? How to Download Our Test Files? But we were surprised� the Dossier, News Round-up, interviews, the ACP section, and pleased�to see that more than half of you have no country reports, Developing World�although the last two links with ACP-EEC cooperation question M at all, but are the only ones to come well up the list of preferences of you read the review, so this cooperation interests you!

It is the country reports and the dossiers that get the And lastly, readers, you are regular readers. How long have you been reading The Courier? Question B. How do you receive it? So The Courier does seem to be fulfilling its job of providing information. As to its practical use to Question K. Readers' age you personally question H , the replies were also positive. Thank you, dear readers, for so often declining to fill in the space provided for criticism!

Thank you to the reader from Nigeria who said she had no criticism as she thought The Courier was "perfect". And thank you to the reader from the Bahamas who did no more than urge us to " carry on". Some of you got No which came out in Brussels on 3 November in November or December of that year. But some of you had to wait until January or February and some even longer. Page 6 By way of editorial � By way of editorial � By way of editorial � By way of other things come into it too�the frequency of flights, the on "The future of Europe" in No We did all that in So carry on writing to us.

It works. Another criticism is that we are "too complimentary", about the ACP Governments, the European Community Space is short, so we shall be far too brief on some of and so on. As one English-speaking reader put it : " It reads your other suggestions.

Among the most frequent are : like Pravda at times". We shall make an effort to be � more statistics and maps; more critical�and you will have seen that we have already � interviews with development specialists working in the put ourselves in the firing line in the Courier's Mailbag. But field; there are limits. It would be wrong to criticise for the sake � regular coverage of all ACP States something we do in of it.

Objectivity is vital. Never mind if, in our � captions for the cover pictures they are in fact inside drive for objectivity, some people�and it is usually the the front and back covers ; European readers�find us "anodyne" or "smug". But you are probably being cruel to be this�it would take the whole of our pages Development of course is not just it ; meetings and Governments. This is a matter of choice. One reader, for example, asked us for more interviews, One other suggestion is worth particular attention and another one thinks there are too many of them ; someone that is stepping up the number of subscriptions.

Our list ficial " and suggested we be more insistent and " get to the of subscribers is currently full and we can only add a new bottom of things". The next one complained that we talked subscriber if someone else withdraws. So do not hold it about agriculture all the time and then, of course, we were against us if you have to wait or if we have to refuse your asked to "say more about agriculture, as it's fundamental application to the ACPs ". Another reader criticised the Courier's Mail- Lastly, some of you want us to go on consulting our bag, suggesting it was pointless, although someone else readers through questionnaires.

Our photos are seen to be "bad, boring and far ing another one for some time. Meanwhile, as we already too prolific", by some, while others congratulated us on said in the Courier's Mailbag, carry on writing to us. And our style is bureaucratic to some and "very what you think about the various suggestions. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to So the conclusion is that you cannot please everybody.

Maybe not all of them, but we have already used 1 The Ministry of Education in each of the countries can give details here, as can the Commission Delegations in the ACP States which have such some. Many of you wanted an index: there it is in No For both technical and conceptual AbdCpeoranot rwdvtihb iedibefsen ,st a h tnhtiah se ea ysnsl edagc raotetlwhn defofor arPagmsarepcoetetiwuifcnipotcgs. The only thing to be measured is the put a figure on the advantages that the the fact that the duty or levy that the price advantage.

Regardless of the fy objectively, is ignored here. Not all ACP exports were included Stabex transfers and food aid are worth. It on the preferential advantage.

The ACPs may This may be large in some cases. Unless you tain number of simplifications, which themselves. In duties that varied over the year or The Courier no. Others, however, Nigeria, Community. Note, too, that the amount of the 2. If measured in terms of customs Add the sugar advantage and the preferential advantage is mechanically preferences or surcharges alone, the hierarchy of preferences becomes even tied to the value of ACP exports and overall advantage the ACPs get from more unequal.

The improvement of significant�ECU million p. This 4. Lastly, there is the question of of certain tropical products. Recent gives us tough figure of ECU 3.

Key to the tables Basis for calculation : The list of products and the trade fig- Bananas. The customs CCT duty, they would not have many outlets in the Community duties are those applied on 1 January When several rates since they cannot really compete with the Central American prod- were applicable to a given product at different times of the year or uct�unless the banana protocol is applied. This in fact enables when several tariff sub-headings were possible, the lowest duty was certain Member States to reserve a large part of their markets for taken.

So the amounts of the advantages tend to represent a min- ACP bananas. Special case : Sugar is a very special case, as the advantage Petroleum They between the price guaranteed to the ACPs and the average world included coffee, cocoa, bananas, fish products and vegetable oil. Over and above the exemption from duty, the mons, some vegetables, etc.