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Italian short stories for beginners pdf free download salad download

Italian short stories for beginners pdf free download

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La Pizza Pazza 2. La Creatura 3. Il Cavaliere 4. Lo Scrigno 6. Ferrg, il Drago 7. Terre Sconosciute 8. Without these, there is little motivation to keep reading. The stories in this book have been designed with this firmly in mind. First and foremost, each story has been kept to a manageable length and broken down into short chapters. This gives you the satisfaction of being able to finish reading what you have begun, and come back the next day wanting more! It also reduces the extent to which you feel overwhelmed by how much you have left to learn when starting to learn Italian.

The linguistic content of the stories is as rich and as varied as possible, whilst remaining accessible for lower-level learners. Each story belongs to a different genre in order to keep you entertained, and there are plenty of dialogues throughout, giving you lots of useful spoken Italian words and phrases to learn.

There is even a deliberate mix of tenses from one story to the next, so that you get exposure to common verbs in a mixture of past, present and future verb forms. This makes you a more versatile and confident user of Italian, able to understand a variety of situations without getting lost. Many books for language learners include English translations for the entire story, known as parallel texts.

Consequently, instead of including a parallel text, Italian Short Stories for Beginners supports the reader with a number of learning aids that have been built directly into the stories. Firstly, difficult words have been bolded and their definitions given in English at the end of each chapter. This avoids the need to consult a dictionary in the middle of the story, which is cumbersome and interrupts your reading.

Lastly, each chapter comes with its own set of comprehension questions to test your understanding of key events and encourage you to read in more detail. How to Read Effectively Reading is a complex skill, and in our mother tongue we employ a variety of micro-skills to help us read. For example, we might skim a particular passage in order to understand the gist. Or we might scan through multiple pages of a train timetable looking for a particular time or place.

If I lent you an Agatha Christie novel, you would breeze through the pages fairly quickly. On the other hand, if I gave you a contract to sign, you would likely read every word in great detail. However, when it comes to reading in a foreign language, research suggests that we abandon most of these reading skills.

Instead of using a mixture of micro-skils to help us understand a difficult text, we simply start at the beginning and try to understand every single word. Inevitably, we come across unknown or difficult words and quickly get frustrated with our lack of understanding. Providing that you recognise this, however, you can adopt a few simple strategies that will help you turn frustration into opportunity and make the most of your reading experience!

But why? What are the benefits of learning Italian with stories, as opposed to with a textbook? Understanding this will help you determine your approach to reading. One of the main benefits of reading stories is that you gain exposure to large amounts of natural Italian. This kind of reading for pleasure is commonly known as extensive reading.

This is very different from how you might read Italian in a textbook. Your textbook contains short dialogues, which you read in detail with the aim of understanding every word. This is known as intensive reading. To put it another way, while textbooks provide grammar rules and lists of vocabulary for you to learn, stories show you natural language in use. Both approaches have value and are an important part of a balanced approach to language learning.

This book, however, provides opportunities for extensive reading. With this in mind, here is the thought process that I recommend you have when approaching reading the short stories in this book, in order to learn the most from them: 1. Enjoyment and a sense of achievement when reading is vitally important because it keeps you coming back for more 2.

The more you read, the more you learn 3. The best way to enjoy reading stories, and to feel that sense of achievement, is by reading the story from beginning to end 4. Consequently, reaching the end of a story is the most important thing This is completely normal and to be expected. Here are a few ideas: 1. Look at the word and see if it is familiar in any way. If English is your mother tongue, there are often elements of Italian vocabulary that will be familiar to you. Take a guess - you might surprise yourself!

Re-read the sentence that contains the unknown word a number of times over. Using the context of that sentence, and the rest of the story, try to guess what the unknown word might mean. This takes practice, but is often easier than you think! Make a note of the word in a notebook, and check the meaning later 4. Sometimes, you might find a verb that you know, conjugated in an unfamiliar way. But is it absolutely necessary for you to know this right now? Usually, if you have managed to recognise the main verb, that is enough.

On the Safari browser it is installed from the browser preferences. To understand how it works, watch this video. Try to read the story at least once without ever using the translator. When you don't understand a word, try to get it from the context. Think of similar English words. In any case, go ahead even if you don't understand the word. If you finally understood the general sense, you did a good job. Then take a second reading. This time use the automatic translator on individual words or groups of words.

Keep in mind that the translator in question is also very effective in recognizing ways of saying fixed phrases. Save words as favorites. In this way you build a glossary that you can review at another time.

When you have read all the stories, review the glossary and try to read the stories again. Understanding should be much better than at first reading. In this last phase you may be surprised by the ease with which you will be able to read texts that previously seemed difficult to you. Attention : the translator also works on pdf files provided they are opened from my site.

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