how to contact dell customer support
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How to contact dell customer support unpack download

How to contact dell customer support

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You can reach the below contact for queries or support on Dell products whether laptops, computers, tablets, printers, monitors, scanners or accessories. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Dell products and services.

Dell Head Office Dell Inc. Dell Order � Order Status � Rebates. Shop Dell Products Looking for Dell laptops, netbooks, desktops, hot deals, electronics, software, accessories, phones or tablets? Click here to search Dell products online. Dell Order Status To check your Dell product order status click here. Warranty Status Check your Dell product warranty status..

Download Dell Drivers You can download dell drivers by entering the Service Tag of your product or by selecting a mode. Click here to download drivers for your Dell product. Support Forum Ask questions and get answers by posting it on the Dell support forum. Click here to access the online forum.

Hot Topics Click here to view the hot topics on Dell products and services. I hate this pc and I am really stupid for flushing nearly 2k down the drain. My mistake when purchasing a laptop was to purchase a dell laptop. For the laptop to start I have to wait at least a half hour.

It is impossible to complete any task. This laptop was purchased in and has never worked. Yes, I troubleshot with Dell"s technical support to no avail. They even refunded my money because the laptop is inoperable. Date of experience: February 04, They provided a laptop with malfunctioning graphic card and don't replace my product and after putting me on a call for 1 hour they didn't provide a solution and instead hung up on me.

Worst experience with dell. Date of experience: June 15, It is a very tedious process to even get to talk to an actual person, and when you finally do, their answers are very minimal, offer very little guidance, so you end up going in circles for exponentially longer than if they were just helpful enough in the first place.

Their "customer service" is the very next thing to worthless. Date of experience: January 31, CSRs are too lazy to check and will just continue to transfer me, even talked to 3 supervisors lol. This is astounding that Dell have known about their computers freezing for many years but seemingly do little to sort out their machines.

They pay lip service to the freezing problem with asort of info page which is well above the skills of your average punter. All of us in the same boat now own worthless machines and would never ever never recommend a dell computer anyone.

The only honourable solution is for dell to fix all the machines at their own expense - they may even get an advertising brownie point from doing it. Meanwhile buy a dell at your own risk. Date of experience: January 29, Who are you guys? Do your job!!! Date of experience: January 02, Very bad quality for the laptops! I got my laptop new from their website, 1 year later the frame was opening from one corner.

I had the warrant and I had to insist to get it fix after a lot of back and forth with them. The Laptop itself and the service is very bad! I bought it to have it for at least next years and here I am 2 years later with a broken laptop, not saying it got broken from the 1st year. Date of experience: August 31, Do not waste your time with Dell. They lie, are very unprofessional and very dismissive about any responsibility. Customer service as it should never be.

Especially in Date of experience: January 23, Bought their 'compatible' HDD according to the website listed as; Dell 3. Great drive but cost was outrageous!!! Date of experience: December 29, Dell's sales team is probably the worst I have ever encountered.

They do not communicate well, not responding to multiple emails and not keeping firm promises to get back to me. It is almost as if they do not want to make any sales. I have been recommending Dell and buying from them for many years, as their computers have always been well engineered recent reviews here imply that their quality has "gone downhill". Recommendations and purchases will now stop. Date of experience: January 16, Delll G15 often prompts errors! Dell confirmed that no hardware issues were found.

After 1. Starting file explorer and clock always prompts error. After reset to factory, unable to launch "Dell SupportAssist" and warn me that my hardware security is not supported, but they were fine before reset. Date of experience: January 14, Bought a new Inspiron G15 laptop for gaming about a year ago. It's always run pretty hot, and fans tend to continue to run on high. I was always told this is normal gaming temps.

But lately I am seeing more issues gaming with pauses and frame drops and strange graphical flashes between game and Windows desktop. I am convinced these high temps have negatively affected the hardware stability and lifespan. Their customer service and 'premium' phone support is the biggest waste of time and effort. You get put through round after round of incompetent service agent verifying your name through photonic alphabet.

Then you get transferred and then you get to go through the whole thing again. And I still don't have what I ordered! Fudge Dell. Fudge every single one of your customer service wads. Date of experience: January 13, Dell would not honour the sale price on a computer I purchased. I did not know that I was charged full price until they finally sent me the invoice I had to request 3 times. Also, they guaranteed that it would be delivered before Christmas ordered early December and it was delivered Dec 28th.

So we paid full price for a Christmas gift that did not arrive by Christmas.

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WebContact Information Customer Contact Mr. Thomas Tang Additional Contact Information Fax Numbers () Other Fax () Other Fax () Other Fax () WebDell offers customer service with an online chat feature, phone technical support and email. Leave a Comment Update this Listing Reviews Videos News Sales Update this Department Add a Comment Phone: How to reach a live person: Press 5 for customer service Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 8am-9pm CT Sun: 10am-7pm CT Email. WebHelp us quickly connect you to the right technical expert by having your Service Tag or Express Service Code available when you call. ***** numbers: Freephone. .