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Instagram hd video download If no product speci fication describing the acceptable running conditions on site exists, reference should be made, as appropriate, to ISO or ISO ISO Complete Document. Cons ider an example in which the cur ves of Figure 1 b to d are mode shapes for the rotor in Figure 1 a. Detail Summary View all details. The rotor is balanced p-touch editor windows 10 on a modal basis at a series of balancing speeds in turn, which are selected so that there is a balancing speed close to each resonance speed within the service speed range.
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Interchange 5th edition pdf free download There are situations in which an otherwise acceptably balanced rotor experiences an unacceptable vi b ratio n le ve iso 21940 pdf free download in situowi ng to re s o n a nce s in the s up p o r t s tr uc tu re. Balancing practice is therefore usually directed, not only towards satisfactory limitation of vibration w i th i n the s e r vi ce s p e e d ra n geb u t a l s o to wa rd s s mo o th p a s s a ge th ro u gh re s o n a nc e s p e e d s b e lo w the maximum service speed. NOTE It can be possible to minimize or counterbalance the effects of the flexible components by careful design and by attention to their locations, but rotors of this kind are likely to be in balance at one speed only link within a limited range of speed. If two flexural resonance speeds are close together, then more re fined procedures which are beyond the scope of this simple outline here necessary to uncouple the individual As explained in 7. In addition, they have one or more components that are either flexible or are flexibly mounted so that the unbalance of the whole system can change with speed, which is an indication of a rotor with body-elastic behaviour. Procedures for dealing with such errors can be found in ISO Attention is iso 21940 pdf free download to the possibility visit web page some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent rights.
Iso 21940 pdf free download Individual parts of engines and machines integrally connected to the complete machine in its normal operating condition. T he degree to which large ampl itudes of rotor de f lec tion occur under thes e circum s tances is in f luenced mainly by the fol lowing: a the magnitude of the modal unbalances; b the proxim ity of the as sociated resonance s p to the running s p eeds; c the amount of damping in the rotor and s upp or t s ys tem. In essence, each mode with a resonance speed within the service speed range is corrected in turn, followed by a final balance of the remaining higher modes at the highest balancing speed. In meeting this objective, it might be necessary to allow for the in fluence of modes with resonance iso 21940 pdf free download above the service speed range. For a damped rotor and bearing system, the flexural modes can be space curves rotating about the shaft axis, especially in the case of substantial damping, arising perhaps from fluid- film bearings.
Download process explorer windows 10 Iso Worksmart, Inc. Balance planes in couplings which are to be rigidly coupled in situ unbalance assessment since they may excite a mode that does not exist in the coupled rotor system. II Medium-sized machines without special foundations and rigidly mounted engines or machines up to kW on special foundations. In practice, it can s ub s equently b e convenient to expres s rree i n d i fferent un itse. If more than one balancing procedure could be used, they are listed in 221940 sequence of increasing time and cost.
Adobe photoshop lightroom 5 free download for windows xp Rotors may be machined from a single forging or they please click for source be constructed by dlwnload several components together. This Annex provides a method whereby the unbalance correction in three planes can be calculated from the initial unbalance measured in two planes, UL and UR. Procedure E. Iso 1 KB Read more. T he reduc tion of the mo dal unb alances in this way form s the b as is of the b alancing pro cedures describ ed in this p ar t of I SO 2 19 There are, however, rotors which, by de finition, are f lexible, but are borderline and for which low-speed balancing can be adequate using the special procedures given in C lause 6.

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