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Fazail e amaal pdf download

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She had no issue from Ali Radhiyallaho anho. After ifadhrat Ali's Radhiyallaho anh9 death she was again married to Hadhrat Mughirah bin Naufal RadhiyaUaho anho , from whom she probably got one son named Yahya.

She died in 50A. Abu Lahab called his sons Utbah. They divorced their wives. Later, upon the fall of Mecca, Utbah embraced Islam. Hadhrat Ruqayyah. The couple emigrated to Abyssinia.

Since the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasaUam had announced to the Sahabah that he was expecting to receive Allah's command for emigration to Madinah anytime, they started shifting to Madinah even before the Prophet's Sallallaho alaihe wassallam Hijrat.

Hadhrat Usman Radhiyallaho anho and Hadhrat Ruqayyah Radhiyallaho anha had also emigrated to Madinah before the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam arrived in t4e town. The news about the victory. The Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam was. He was named Abdullah and survived his mother, but died in 4 A.

She was married to Utaibah son of Abu Lahab. After divorcing lier, Utaibah Ch. The Prophet Sallallaho. Abu Lahab, in spite of his disbelief, said to the people:. Everybody should be very careful ofmy son. The people piled up all. A lion came at night; it smelt all the people sleeping round the pile. He gave out a' shriek, but meanwhile the lion had severed his head from his body. It is very necessary that we avoid offending the people dear to Allah. The Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam has reported Allah as saying: ,!

After the death of. The Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam said:. Allah's command.. After her death, the Prophet Sallallaho 8. It is said that -the name Fathnah lit: safe from fire was revealed by Allah. She was married to Ali Radhiyallaho anho in 2 A. When Ali Radhiyallaho aOOo intended to many Abu Jahal's daughter, she was very much grieved and expressed her grief to the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam.

The Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam said to ,Ali Radhiyallahoanho : "Fatimah is a part of my body. Whoever grieves her, grieves me. After her death', he married her niece Amamah RadhiyallahoaOOa , as we have already seen in the previous pages. It was about six months after the death of the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam that Fatimah fell ill.

One day, she said to her maid: ,. She,then desired her bed to be placed in the middle of the room. Hasan Radhiyallaho anho and Hussain Radhiyallaho anho were born iQ. Muhassan- Radhiyallaho anho , the third son, was born in 4 A. On Hadhrat 'Umar Radhiyallaho anho's death.

After his death. A daughter was born to them, who died in childhood. Abdullah bin Ja! Her son Zaid also died the same day, and both were carried forJ;mial at the same time. Zainab, Hadhrat Fatima's Radhiyallaho anha third daughter, was married to Abdullahbin Ja'far and had two' sons Abdullah and Aun from him. It was after her death that he married her sister Hadhrat Umme Kulsum Radhiyallaho anha. Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallaho ariho had many other children from his wives after Fatimah.

It is stated that he' had as many as thirty-two issues. Hasan Radhiyallaho anho had fifteen sons and eight daughters, while Husain Radhiyallaho anho was the father of six sons and three daughters. If, instead, they inculcated in their young hearts the importance of Islamic practices, these could easily become their habits when they grow up. When we see a child doing something undesirable, we simply brush it off by saying, 'He is but a child. We deceive ourselves when we say, on seeing a child doing something un-Islamic, that he will be all right when he grows up.

How can a bad seed grow up into a good plant? The Sahabah were very particular about training their children in Islamic practices, and they kept a watchful eye on their doings. In Hadhrat 'Umar's Radhiyallaho anho time, a person was arrested by the police for drinking in Ramadhan. When he was brought before Hadhrat 'Umar Radhiyallaho anho , he said to him: "Woe to you!

Even our children: are keeping fast in this month. Hadhrat Rubbayi' bint Mu'awwaz Radhiyallaho anha who was mentioned in the last chapter says: "Once the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam enjoined on us to fast on the 10th of Muharram. Even the children were made to fast with us.

When theY,cried Ch. Xl: Children's Devotion to Islam out in hunger, we diverted them with toys made of. But are we really doing even what we can easily bear? Radhiyallaho anha Zeal for Knowledge. Hadhrat Aishalt Radhiyallaho anha was.

She was only 18 at the time of the Prophet's passing away. Notwithstanding her age. Masrooq Rahmatullah alaih says:. She says: "I was. She would have been much younger at the revelati. Hadhrat 'Umair Radhiyallaho anho goes to Battle. Every soul in those days. His master also recommended him very strongly. Now the sword was too big for his size. He fought in the battle till it ended in victory. As he was a minor and a slave.

The Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam ; however. Although 'Umair Radhiyallaho anho knew that he was not going to get any share from the spoils of war. What could be his motive other than the reward of the Hereafter. Hadhrat Sa'd Radhiyallaho anho narrates At 'the time when we were preparing to ' march for Badr.

I noticed 'Umair Radhiyallaho anho trying somehow to hide himself. This surprised me. I said to him, 'What has happened to you? What makes you hide like this?

He fought in the battle till he was killed. Hadhrat Sa'd Radhiyallaho anho , Umair's brother, says: "The sword of Umair Radhiyallaho anho was too big for his size. I had to put a number of knots in the bmr, so that it might not touch the ground. I thought it would have been better if l.

Suddenly, one of the boys caught my hand and. I happened to notice Abu Jahl dashing about in the battlefield on the back of his horse.

I said to the boys, 'There is the object of your quest. He is very well guarded', At that time, I took upon myself to finish him. The boys were on foof, while Abu Jahl was on horse back. One of the boys hit a leg of the horse and the other that of Abu Jahl. This caused both to fall down and Abu Jahl was unable to get up.

The boys left him in this condition. Mu'awwaz bin Afra brother of Hadhrat Ma'az. Hadhrat Abdullah bin Masood Radhiyallaho anho , last of all, attacked him and severed his head. He attacked me on my shoulder and cut my arm. I threw the broken arm over my shoulder and kept fighting with aile hand.

But when I found it too cumbersome, I severed it from my body, by pladng it under my foot and pulling myself up. Whenever an army of Mujahidin moved out from Madinah for a campaign, the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam inspected them at some distanC'e outside to ensure that nothing was lacking in men and equipment.

It was here that he usuallv returned to Madinah all those tenderaged boys who hal come out with the army in their zeal to fight for Islam. While setting out for Uhud. He ordered the young boys to go back. All of them had just entered their teens.

Khudaij said,to the Prophet [Sallallaho alaihe wasallam : 6. My, SOIl Rafe' is a very good archer. The Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam permitted him to stay on. When Ch. A few more boys made similar efforts to stav on, and some of them did succeed. Meanwhile it becanie dark.

The Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam made necessary arrangements for the watch and ward of the camp during the night. You take your seat. Sit down. You also sit down. Only one person came forward.

The Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam : "Where are your other two comrades? It was I who stood up all the three times. The Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam blessed him with his prayers. He kept watching the tent all night long. Just look! The children and adults. Rafll bin Khud-in tIleb8itle.

Allah is ever Mighty; Wise. By the grace of Allah, entry into Jannat is ensured for. There can be no intercession, however, for the unbelievers. Almighty Allah has said:. The Prophet and the believers are not allowed to pray for the forgiveness of 'mushrikin' Plural of mushrik, one who ascribes partners unto Allah the polytheists even if they are their relatives.

Part I Hadith 14 The Qur'anicayat clearly say that polytheists will never be forgiven. The intercession of huffaaz will, therefore, be for those Muslims whose eniry into Hell has been determined by their sins.

Those who are not huffaaz and cannot memorize the Qur'an should at least make one of their relatives a hafiz,. Allah be thanked for this gracious favour on the person. This applies to the author May Allah bless him with more'favours. Hadhrat Abu Hurairah Radhiyallaho anho.

In the same way, the entire house is lit up with divine light and blessings due to the recitation by. Radhiyallaho anho has narrated the saying of Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam : "He in whose heart there is no part of the Qur'an is like a deserted house. Similarly a heart, devoid of Qur'an, gets more and more possessed by Satan. What an emphasis is there in this hadith for memorizing the Holy Qut'an, that the heart which has not secured it has been likened to a deserted house.

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah Radhiyallaho anho says: "In the house where the Qur'an is read, the household members increase, virtues and blessings multiply, angels descend upon them and Satan quits the house. Port I Hadi. As mentioned earlier, the superiority of the Word 'Of Allah over the speech Qf others is like lfis superiority over His creation. The superiority of zikr over sadaqah has been stressed in other ahadith as well. This difference is due to the variations in the type of people and their conditions of life.

According to this hadith sowm comes last in the order of merit. The author of 'Ihya' reports on the authority of Hadhrat' Ali RadhiyaUaho anho that for every letter recited.

In this hadith, however, preference is shown to reading from the Holy Book as compared to reciting it from memory, because reading from the Book is not only conducive to deeper understanding and meditation but also includes several other devotional acts, such as looking into the Qur'an and touching 'it, etc. The difference in the apparent meanings of the various ahadith has led to a difference of opinion among the scholars of hadith as to whether reading from the Holy Book is better than reciting it from memory.

Imam 'Nawawi Rahmatullah alaih has decided that the preference between the two depends upon the individuals. Some people concentrate and meditate better while reading from the Book, while others do so, reciting from memory.

Therefore,reading from the Book is preferable for some and reciting from memory for others. Amr ibn Maimoon Rahmatullah alaih has men. Reading the Qur'an 'by looking into it is reported to be beneficial for eyesight.

Hadhrat Abu" Ubaidah Radhiyallaho anho has narrated a lengthy hadith in which each reporter says that he had some trouble with his eyes and that his teacher bade him to recite the Qur'an by looking into it. Hadhrat Imaam Shaafi'ee, Rahmatullah, alaih often used to open the Qur'an after Ishaa night salaatand close it only a little before Fajr salaat.

When someone asked, "What could cleanse hepts again? The heart is like a mirror. If it is not Cleaned, it will not properly reflect the' recognition. The more burnished and brighter it'is, the bettet will it show from the enlightenment.

It is with a view to polishing the mirror of the heart that mashaa'ikh enjoin upon their disciples to devQte themselves to self-discipline endeavours, spiritual occupation, incantation and " remembrance of Allah. It is mentioned in some ahadith that when a maJI commits a sin, a black dot stains his heart. If he repents in real earnest, this dot is removed, but if he ,commits another sin, another black dot appears. In this way, if he goes on committing sin after sin,' his heart gets cQlIlpletely blackened.

At this stage the heart becomes' quite disinclined to do good. That which speaks. But only those who take proper heed derive benefit from a sermon. On the. And that which is glory and pride for my Ummat is the Holy Qur'an.

People indicate their nobility an. The Qur'an is the source of nobility and pride for the Ummat in the sense that reading, memorizing and teaching it. Why should it not be so? Its dignity excels all' worldly honours, however great. The achievements of this worldly life, however splendid vanish sooner or later, while the splendour and dignity of the Qur'an is eternal and unbounded.

Its assailing remarks concerning other people are such as cannot be contradicted, e. It is Usual that, however lovely a discourse may be, it may even be a letter from a beloved who has made one mad; we will become tired of reading it for the. On the other hand, if we just memorize one section of the Qur'an,' one may.

Arid, if something pretents us from enjoying it, that will tie for a wh. In fact, the more we reaa the Qur'an'; the greater will be our enjoyment Virtues of the Holy Qur'an 48 and satisfaction. So, if all these qualities were present in a com. Now" we should just. How many of us feel really proud of having memorized the whole Qur'an?

Does ahafiz command real respect in our eyes? Rasulullah Sallallahoalaihe wasallam said, "Cultivate the fear and reverence of Allah in your heart, because this is the root of. A man whose heart is filled with fear of Allah, does neither commit any sin nor experience any difficulty. Some Qf the foregoing traditions also disclose that the Qur'an is 'illuminating. Hadhrat Abu Zar Radhiyallaho anha says that he inquired from Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam about the number of books revealed by Almighty Allah.

Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam replied, ". Qne hundred booklets and four books. Fifty booklets were revealed to Hadhrat Sheeth Alaihis salaam peace be upon him , thirty to Hadhrat Idrees. In addition, four books, i. Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam replied that they oonsisted of proverbs, e.

I clid not appoint you to hoard wealth, but to prevent the complaint of the oppressed from reaching me by redressing it beforehand, because I do not reject the complaint of the oppressed person, even though he may be a disbeliever.

These booklets also mentioned that it is incumbent on a wise man, unless he is deprived of sanity, to divide his time in three parts: one for worship of his Lord; one.

It is also incumbent upon him to watch of his time and be thoughtful about improving his conditions and to guard his tongue against unnecessary. Whoever keeps a check on his own speech, his tongue will indulge less in useless talk. Also, a wise man should not travel except for three purposes. Rasulullah Sallalla:ho alaihe wasallam said, "They contained monitions only, such as 'I am astonished by one who finds pleasures in anything in spite of his faith in the certainty of death.

RasiIlullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam advised that he should cultivate fear of Allah, because it is the root and basis of all spiritual actions. Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam said, "Be consistent in recitation of Qur'an and remembrance of Allah, because it is a noor in UJ,is world and a provision in Heaven. Hadbrat Abu Zar Radbiyallabo anho asked for more advice and Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam said, "Associate yourself with the poor and the needy; be friendly with them and sit 'in their company.

Allah' mentions them, in the assembly of angels. Acquisition of either reward mentioned above is so sublime that. But here there are so many rewards, especially the last one. Mention in the Court of Almighty Allah and remembrance in the company of the beloved are bounties that can hardly be surpassed. Descending of. The sGholars of ahadith have interpreted its real signifiCance in many ways. The various interpretations, 'liowever, do not contradict each other and can be meaningfully put together.

Some have said that it is a :;pecial form of mercy. Some interpret it as grace, others consider it as dignity, and some take it to mean angels. There are other views as well. Hafiz has written in 'Fat-hul Baari' that sakeena includes all the above mentioned blessings. In the opinion of Naw8wi Rahrnatullah alaih , it is a combination of tranquility, mercy, etc. It is mentioned in the Qur'an as follows: Then Allah caused His sakeenah to descend upon him..

Thus this happy blessing. It is narrated in 1hya' that once Ibn Thauban R,adhiyallahoanho had promised one of his relatives that he would break his fast with him, but reached the house of his relative next morning. I just got late by chance uiltil. I thought I should complete my Witr compulsory salaat of three raka'atfollowing Isha as well, lest I should die during the night without offering this salaat, because there can be no surety against death.

While I 'was recitingqunoot a special invocation in Witr salaat , I saw a green garden of Paradise; which had all sorts of flowers. I was so absorbed in the vision that it was dawn;" There have been hundreds of similar incidents hi the lives of our righteous ancestors.

Such things are; however, experienced only when there is complete separation fiom everyone besides Allah, and perfect attention towards HilIl4. It is said that while he was reciting' the Holy Qur'an, he felt a sort of cloud spread over himself.

The Prophet SalliUlaho alaihe wasaIlam informed him that these were angels who had gathered to listen to the recitation of the Qur'an. Due to their great throng they appeared Once a S8habi felt a sort of Cloud 6ver himself.

Verily the. Imam Ahma. Allah said, '0. It is My Word Le. Allah said 'Whether by understanding the meaning or withoutullderstanding, it is a means of nearness either way. Its substance is that sulook Uallaah the path of mystics towards Allah which, is also. Since the first method. The essence of zikr is' that the word which is used for or refers to Almighty Allah should be repeated over and over again. This repetition helps themudrakah the faculty' of understanding in concentrating upon the person of,the one being remembered.

It would give rise to a feeling of immediate presence of that person. Constancy in this state is called 'ma'iyyat' togetherness , which is referred to in the hadith below P Hadhrat. It is natural that singing should attract attention. But religious people do not listen to singing because of the restriction in Islam. However, Islam does not prohibit listening to the song of ,a slave woman in one's.

It is, however, necessary that the Qur'an shall not be recited' in a singing tone, because doing so is forbidden according to several ahadith. GI'II " ". They will stroll merrily on. To be relieved of those worries in any way, on the Day"of Judgement, is a favoUr that surpasses thousands of blessings and millions of pleasures. Those" who will then be made to relax and rejoice" will be the fortunate ones indeed. Utter ruin and loss is the lot of those insensible persons who consider the reading of the Qur'an as useless and waste of time.

In 'Mu'jam Kabeer', jt is written about this hadith that its reporter, Hadhrat 'Abdullah bin 'Umar Jtadhiyallaho anho , who was a Sahabi of Rasulullah Sall81laho alaihe wasallam said, "If I had not heard this hadith from Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam once, once again and once again he repeated it seven times , I would never have reported it. It is reported in one hadith that the devil lamented.

It is reported from Sha'bi Rahmatullah alaih that once a man came to him and complained of pain in his kidney. There are two ways of reading it: One method is to read this surah forty-one times for forty days, in the iriterval between the sunnat a practice of the Holy Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam and fardh rak'aats of the Fajr salaat. The meem of e- I.. J" I4ii O"""'! Whatever the objective may be, it will, insha-Allah if Allah wills , be fulfilled. In the treatment of a patient or of one who is bewitched, it should be recited and blown on water to be used for drinking.

QJ The second method is to read it seventy times between the sunnat and the fardh rak'aat of the Fajr. Then this weekly course should be repeated, so as to complete fauf weeks.

The surah is 'also written with water of roses, 'musk and saffron, on a porcelain qish, then the writing is washed off antI the wash-water is given to the, patient fOf drinking for forty days. This is a sure treatment of chronit': diseases. To read it seven times and then blow on the patient is similarly an accepted treatment for toothache, headache and pain in the stomach.

Radhiyallaho anho narrates that once Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam was sitting among us and said, "In Heaven" a door" has been' opened today which. The angel said to me, "Receive the good news of two 'anwaar' which have not been bestowed upon anyone else before. One is surahFatihah. This is surah Tabarakallazi. According to another riwaayat, 'if one read.

This is also mentioned in Mazaahir. All of a sudden, those who were putting up the tent heard somebody reciting surahTabarakallazi. They reported the matter to Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe Wasallam , who explained to them that this surah guards against Allah's chastisement and ensures deliverance.

Jaabir Radhiyallaho anho reports that Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam would not go to sleep until he had recited the surahs Alit LaamMeem-Sajdah and Tabarakal lazi. Khalid bin Ma'daan Radhiyallaho"anho has said that he had heard it narrated, "There was' a man who was a great sinner, but he used to recite surah Sajdah.

He never read anything else. This surah spread its wings over that man and submi. So the intercession of that surah was accepted. It was ordered that each sin in his account should be.. This surah appears in the form of a bird, spreads its wings over the dead and guards. He himself would never go to sleep unless he had read these two surahs. After death, the first stage that one has to pass through is the grave. Whenever Hadhrat 'Usman Radhiyallaho anho stood' by a grave, he used to weep so much that his beard would become wet with tears.

He replied, "I have heard from Rasulullah SaUallaho alaihe wasallam that the grave is the first stage towards the 'Hereafter. And'I have also heard that no scene is IDore horrible than that of. Wherever he stops, he proceeds further. With the Grace of Allah, it washes away all the sins',". A bath in such water surely removes dirt from the body and makes it clean. Salaat offered with due regard for its essentials likewise cleanses the soul of all sins. There are several ahaadith of the same meaning, though, with slight variations in expression, narrated' by different companions of the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam.

To explain. His job is such that his body gets covered with dust. But there are five streams of running water in between the factory and his house and, on his return from the job, he takes a bath in each stream. The effect of five times daily salaat is quite similar. Any sins of omission and commission between two salaats are.

If we fail to avail of Allah's mercy, surely we ourselves are the losers. To err is human. His wrath and punishment, but look how relenting our dear Allah is! He has most graciously shown us the way to earn His mercy and forgiveness.

It is a great pity if we do not avail of this great favour. Our Allah is always eager to show us His. It is said in a hadith, that if a person goes to bed with the intention of getting up for Tahajjud Q.

How boundless is the grace of Allah and what a tremendous loss and deprivation if we do not receive blessings from such a Giver. There are many traditions concerning - this practice of the Holy Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam.

Hadhrat Ibno Abbas Radhiyallaho anho was once on journey. On his way he got the news of the death of his son. He got down from his camel and offered two--rakaat of salaat, praying in Tashahhud fora long time.

Another similar story is narrated about him. He was on a journey when lie received tho news about the death of his hrother Quthum. After finishing his salaat. There is yet another story about him.

On hearing of the death of a wife of the Holy Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam , he fell down prostrate. When somebody asked ,him the reason he said, "Our dear Prophet S--aHaHaho alaihe wasallam had enjoined on us to prostrate in salaat whenever a calamity were to befall us..

What calamity can be greater than the death of the Ummul. When my soul departs, 1 ask everyone to perform wudhu, observing all its essentials, and to go to the musjid and pray for my forgiveness, because our Gracious Allah has enjoined on us to "Seek help with patience and salaat.

I hurriedly went tol'ladhrat Anas Radhiyallaho anho to know if he had ever experienced similar conditions during the lifetime of the HO. He said to me, ,'''M;aathallaah!

It affords us an opportunity to receive Allah's guarantee for Paradise. When an honourable person of some financial standing or having executive power gives us a guarantee or stands surety for meeting any of our requirements of this world, we feel quite satisfied and happy and we consider it our duty to remain obliged and devoted to him.

Here Allah, the Absolute Sovereign of both the worlds, is giving the guarantee and is standing suretY for the real success after death in return for five times daily salaat, which does not involve ,much effort on our part. II jM! One of us went to Holy Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasa11am and said, '0, Apostle of Allah, no one else has earned so much profit as I have obtained in today'strade.

Three hundred Ooqiyyahs of silve! According to the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam , the perishable gain of this world stands no comparison with the everlasting gain of the Hereafter. Our lifewill be pleasant and worth living if we develop our 'Imaan' to an extent where two rakaats of salaat. Salamah ta. They returned victorious very soon with a handsome booty. When the Prophet SallallOOo alaihe wasallam saw the people envying them and wondering at their quick and lucrative return, he said to them, "Shall I inform you of a group of people who earn much more in a much shqrter time?

They are those who 26 Virtues of Salaat perform their Fajr with Jamaat and keep sitting after prayer till a little while after sunrise and then offer two rakaats of salaat.

There are so many sayings of the Holy Prophet ' Sailallaho alaihe wasallam enjoining salaat and explaining its virtues that it is very difficult to cover all of them in' this small book.

A few quotations are, however, reproduced below as a benediCtion: 1. Fear Allah in the matter of salaat! Fear Allah in the matter of salaat!. A person whQ' says his salaat at the fixed hours with sincerity and devotion, observing all. If there were any other thing better than salaat, then Allah would have ordained it for His Angels, some of whom arealways in ruku and others in sajdah. Let those who wish enlighten their hearts through salaat ". Allah, he should perform the wudhu rroperly, offer with devotion two or four rak'aats a fardh or 'nail and then pray to Allah.

Allah will forgive him. Allah grants him what he prays for, sometimes immediately and sometimes in his own interest later. Those going to the musjid are the flag-bearers of Imaan and, those leaving for the market are the flag-bearers of the Devil. Surely, thou shalt receive the recompense of whatever good or evil thou dost. No Part I oj-Importance of Saloot doubt the dignity of a Mo'min is in Tahajjud and his honour is in ,contentment and restraint.

But for feih- of hardship to my followers, I would have made these obligatory. Donat be. The forty short hadiths given above can be memorised and thus the reward of knowiI]. In fact, salaat is really a big boon, but this is realised only by those who have enjoyed.

It has 'been reported in many ahaadith that the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam would often say, ','Fear Allah concerning salaat. I found the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam in salaat. I made "my intention and stood behind him; he. I thought t. I Was sure then that he wouldfinishqiyaam with the end of the. He went into ruku only after finishing that soorah.

In ruku and sajdah he recited tasbeeh and some other prayers, which I could not catch. In the second, rakaat he started 'al-An'aam' after 'Fatihah'. I could not continue with him any longer and broke away helplessly.

Besides, the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam must be reciting at ease with proper Tajweed; we can well imagine how long the rakaat would have been. It was on this accoun't that his feet would often' get swollen. But no amount of strain arid inconvenience in salaat is in the way of one whose heart is imbued with its sweetness.

Abu Ishaaq Subaihi is a famous muhaddith. He died a centenarian. He would often exclaim in his old age, "Alas! This infirmity and old age have deprived me of the delight of long salaat. I am now only able to recite 'Baqarah' and 'Aal-Imraan' in my salaat of two rakaats. Muhammad bin Sammaak, the famous Soofi, writes, "My neighbour at Koofah had a son. The boy fasted during the day and kept praying and hymning during the night. This constant strain emaciated him so much that his body was reduced to a skeleton.

His father requested me to admonish him. Once I was sitting at my door when the boy passed by. He greeted me with 'Assalaamu alaikum' and sat down. I had hardly said anything when he interrupted saying, 'Dear Uncle! Maybe you intend to admonish me to reduce my pursuits. Listen to my story first. I had a few friends in the locality, We decided among ourselves to vie with one another in worship and adoration of Allah.

They all applied themselves so hard that they were soon sent for by Allah. They embraced death delightedly and peacefully. Now 1 am the only one left behind. What will they think of me when they know of my lagging behind? Dear Uncle! My friends really strived very hard and achieved their goal.

He sighed and wept when he learnt that there was no salaat in Paradise-being the plate for recompense and not of labour. He remarked', "How shall we enjoy the Paradise without salaat! May Allah give us their strength of Imaan and love for His worship! It grants protection against Allah's Doom.

It keeps the Devil. In short. From many traditions on the 8,ubject. Although a single warning from the most truthful Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam ' was enough. IJhould neglect salaatand suffer the consequences. In spite of all this. Sjl ' I. JJ- J Hadhrat Jaabir bin Abdullah Radhiyallaho anho narrates that he heard the Prophet of Allah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam saying: 1.

There are a number of ahaadith on the subject. On one occasion. It may. Abdullah bin Abbas Radhiyallaho anhum , etc. Ibn Mubaarak. Rahmatullah alaihim , etc. May Allah save us! If you start' saying your salaatat your houses as so and so is doing , then you will be dis- Part II a -Rewards of Jamoat 55 carding the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam and no sooner you desert.

When a person performs wudhu correctly and then leaves for the musjid, at each step that he takes, he gets one blessing and has one sin wiped out. During the lifetime. Even the munaafiq dared not miss the Jamaat and a sick person who could be taken to the musjid with the help of two men would be helped to join Jamaat. This shows the extreme vigilance of the Sahabah over their salaat with Jamaat. Even a sick person was broqghl to the musjid somehow or other, even though it needed two men to help him.

This concern was quite natural when they found the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam himself so' very particular about H. It is said that when the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam was on his deathbed, and he would frequently faint; he succeeded in making wudh,u after several attempts and, though he could hardly stand, went to the musjid with the help of Hadhrat Abbas Radhiyallaho anho and another companion.

Hadhrat Abu Bakr Radhiyallaho anho led the salaat at his instance. If they knew the reward of the Jamaat, they would go to the musjid and join the Jamaat even if they had to crawl.

A munaafiq is a person who feigns being a Muslim, but there is kufr in his heart. Genesis of man according to hadith takes place in periods of forty days. This seems to be the significance of forty days in this hadith, and so theSoofis attach importance to this period called Chillah in Urdu for purposes of spiritual discipline. This is indeed' Allah's great favour and beneficence that the mere effort and a. Who is the loser then if we ourselves get left, and miss the bounties of the most Bountiful?

If, however, we are certain that the Jamaat is already over, then there,is of course no idea in going to the musjid for Jamaat. Similarly four persons performing salaat with Jamaat are liked by Allah more than eight persons saying it individually.

Similarly again, eight persons performing salaat. This is not correct, as in the first place they are deprived of the reward of saying salaat in the musjid and secondly, they lose the blessing of salaat with a big Jamaat.

The bigger the congregation, the more pleasing it is to Allah. When our sole aim is to achieve the pleasure of Allah, why should we not adopt a manner more pleasing to Him. It is reported in a hadith that Allah is ,pleased to see three things, namely, a row of worshippers offering sahiat with Jamaat, a person busy in salaat at the time of Tahajjud at the dead of night, and a person fighting in the way of Allah.

Jj, ,. YJ; -: it. The value of going to the musjid in the darkness of night shall be realised on the dreadful Day of Judgement, when everybody shall be in a very miserable plight. In a hadith it is reported that such persons shall occupy the pulpits of light, with no worry at all, while others will be in' utter bewilderment.

Allah will reply, 'Those who used to frequent the m9sques. IV: For'this very reason some COinlianions have been reported to be taking short steps in going to the musjid iJ:l order to earn more blessings. These are: To call out the Azaan; to go to the musjid for Zuhr in the scorching heat of the sun; and to be in the first line while in salaat with Jamaat.

He is anxious to return to the musjid if he leaves it on any account. Another hadith narrates that Allah loves those who love the musjid. Besides, -no commandment of Allah is without a deep significance. It is often difficult to understand the full benefits of Allah's commandments; as no one can encompass His Knowledge and Wisdom.

Some of the sages of Islam have tried to explain the importance of salaat with Jamaat, but their explanations vary with the extent of their understanding and their power to probe into Divine secrets. Our respected Shaikh, Shah Waliullah Dehlawi may Allah illumine his grave , in his famous - Book 'Hujjatullahil Balighah' writes:"To save the people from the fatal effects that their own customs and rituals can bring them, there is nothing more useful than to make one of the religious services so common a custom and so public a ritual that it may be performed openly before everybody by any person, whether he be leamed or illiterate.

The town-folk and the countrymen should both be equally anxious to observe. If this is achieved, it will help in establishing the worship and obedience of Allah and will form a very useful substitute for those rituals and customs which could cause them serious harm. There are.. There are some others who can be correefed with a little counselor :reproach.

It is therefore in the best interests of the Islamic society that aU itsmenibers perform the worship collectively and in congregation. This will also cause the people with less knowledge to follow the Ulama. The worshipper will distinguish right from wrong and genuine from counterfeit, so that the right and the genuine may prevail and the wrong and the counterfeit may be suppressed.

This object cannot be achieved unless all Muslims, big and small, the elite and the common, the town folk and the countrymen, perform alike the most sublime service and the most sacred ritual of Islam i. It is for this reason that the Sharee-at Islamic Law. For the open and conspicuous observance of this important service, two types of assemblies are required; one for people of a clan or a particular locality and the other for the people of the whole town.

Since the assembly of the former at any hour is convenient and that of the latter comparatively difficult,. We are in bondage td Allah and as such it is obligatory on us to obey Him.

No compensation or reward is due to us for our obedience to Him. Similarly no punishments can be too much for us if we disobey Him-our Lord,. Hence no warning or premonition was required to be imparted. Yet Allah and His Holy Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam have so very kindly cautioned us in various ways, warned us frequently of the consequences and explained to us again and again, just to save us from disaster.

If even then, we don't take a lesson, who could there be to save us from the inevitable consequences? According to them, though the reward and blessings promised for fardh salaat will not be awarded, yet the person saying the salaat Virtues of Salaat 62 at his place does absolve himself of the obligation.

But in the opinion of some of the companions and their successors, salaat with jamaat after hearing the Azaan is fardh and its discard is haraam. According to many other theologians, such a person is not even absolved of the obligation in re. Anyhow, he is surely committing the sin of discarding jamaat. In another hadith narrated by Hadhrat Ibn Abbas, it is stated that such. Hadhrat Abu Hurairah Radhiyallaho anho says, "It.

What a strong reproof! In another hadith, it is said, "Not to join jamaat after hearing the Azaan is sufficient to render a person most unfortunate and most wretched.

He was born during the lifetime of the Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam , but was too young then to have had the honour of listening to any hadith froPl him.

During the Caliphate of Hadhrat Umar Radhiyallaho anho he was made in charge of the market. One day Hadhrat Umar Radhiyallfilio anha found him missing in Fajr salaat. Hadhrat Umar Radhiyallaho anho went to his house and inquired from his mother why Sulaimaan was not present in Fajr. She replied. Remember that jamaat for salaat is ,very necessary for you.

Surely a ' wolf devours a lonely sheep, and'Satan is the wolf for men. Virtues 64 of Saloot jamaat. The farmers in our country are generally negligent of salaat and consider their occupation a sufficient excuse for their neglect, and even those who are considered pious prefer to perform their salaat individually. If the farmers working in the nearby fields get together at a place and perform prayers in jamaat, they can have quite a big gathering and thereby receive the wonderful blessings of Allah.

Notwithstanding the sun, rain, heat and cold, they keep busy for a trifling worldly gain, but lose tremendous amount of Allah's reward by losing salaat.

On the other hand, they can earn a reward fifty times more as conveyed in another hadith by offering their salaat with jamaat in the fields. It is stated in a hadith, "When a shepherd calls out the Azaan at the foot of a hill or in the fields -and starts his salaat, Allah is greatly pleased with him and says pmudly to the Angels, 'Behold My slave! He has called out the Azaan and is offering his salaat. All this he does out of fear for Me. I therefore grant him forgiveness and. Such a person, being a Muslim, may ultimately get freedom from Hell.

The ignorant among the Soofis and Shaikhs are very particular about Zikr and nafl salaat and consider this an act of eminehce in piety, while they are not particular about salaat with jamaat. It must be clearly borne in mind for all times that' no person can achieve religious eminence except thro,ugh complete adherence to the practices of the beloved Prophet Sallallaho alaihe wasallam.

It is stated in a hadith that Allah curses three persons: An Imaam who insists on leading the people of a place in salaat. Discard of Jamoat 65 band;. Ka'b Ahbaar says, "By Him who revealed the Torah to. And they had been summoned to prostrate themselves when. The glory of Saaq is a particular type of glory to be displayed on the Day of Judgement.

All Muslims will fall prostrate on seeing this glory, but there will be some whose backs will tum stiff and they will be unable to prostrate themselves. As to wbo these unlucky persons would be. A few other interpretations of the same are given below:.

These shall be the munaafiqeen. Allah knows best and His knowledge is most perfect. Muslims shall fall prostrate at seeing Allah's glory, those who neglected salaat with jamaat shall be singled out by their inability to do so. Everyone info. W and the Stories of Islam and Sahabah. Many Salafi or Salafi-oriented scholars have made attempts to re-write the book because of its immense popularity in South Asian sub-continent but in their views, lack of authenticity and clear reference of hadiths, fabricated stories and deep influences of Sufism of respective Deobandi ideology; leading of them are Abdullah Ali Bin Muhammad Al Maghrbi in Arabic and translated in English, Abdullah Nasir Rahmani, Muhammad Tayyab in Urdu, Abdul Hamid Faizi, Ahsanullah bin Sanaullah and Abdullah bin Khalid in Bengali and many more.

Most of the writers have gathered all the Fazail series in the single book, and have selected and added only authentic sahih and good Hasan hadiths, classified the weak Da'if and fabricated Maudhu hadiths, and also rejected and removed the Sufism-related spiritual tales and stories of the Tabligh version book. We have embedded features: - Finger swipe option to change Pages. Note: Please give us feedback about any issue or problem if you face. Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data.

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