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Ds games for download

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Part 1. This is what you'll plug into the DS in order to load your downloaded games. Buy a microSD card. The microSD card is actually where the games will be stored, so try to find a two-gigabyte 2 GB card if possible.

You can find microSD cards online as well as in most tech stores. Most microSD cards come with an adapter that allows you to open the SD card on a computer. If your selected microSD card doesn't include an adapter, you'll need to buy one as well. Plug the microSD card into the included adapter card. At the top of the microSD's adapter card, there should be a small slot into which you'll insert the microSD card.

The microSD card only fits one way, so don't force it. If the microSD card won't fit into the adapter card, flip the microSD card over and try again. Plug the microSD card's adapter card into your computer. There should be a wide, flat slot on the side of your computer laptop or on the CPU box desktop into which the adapter card fits. Format the card. Before you can add files to the microSD card, you'll need to make sure that the card's format is correct: On Windows , select FAT32 as the file system.

Download a ROM for your selected game. A ROM is a game file; by placing these game files on your SD card and then using the card with your DS, you'll be able to select games directly off of the card.

The easiest way to download ROMs is by searching for your game title followed by "ds rom", selecting a reputable site , and clicking the "Download" button or link. Keep in mind that downloading ROMs for games that you don't already own is piracy, which is illegal in most places.

Make sure that you only download from sites that you can trust based on user feedback and reviews. You don't want to accidentally download a virus. Wait for your ROM to finish downloading. Part 2. Make sure that the microSD card is plugged in. If you unplugged the adapter card or the microSD card from the adapter card from your computer, re-plug in the card before continuing.

Go to the downloaded ROM's location. For example, if your downloaded files normally go to the Downloads folder, you'd click Downloads here. Copy the ROM. Select your SD card's folder. Click your SD card's name in the lower-left side of the File Explorer window. You may have to scroll down to find the SD card.

Alternatively, you can click the This PC folder and then double-click your SD card's name under the "Devices and drives" heading. Paste in the ROM. You should see the ROM's file icon appear in the window. Eject the SD card. Click the flash drive-shaped icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen, then click the Eject option in the pop-up menu.

Once you receive a notification, you can physically remove the SD card from your computer. Part 3. Open Finder. Click the blue, face-like app icon in your Mac's Dock. On the left side of the Finder window, click the folder to which your ROM folder was downloaded.

For most browsers, the default download location is the Downloads folder. Click your SD card's name. In the lower-left side of the Finder window, you should see a "Devices" heading, under which your SD card should be listed.

Clicking this opens the SD card's window. Paste in your ROM file. You should see the ROM file appear in the window. Click the triangle-shaped "Eject" icon to the right of the SD card's name in the Finder, then remove the card from your Mac when prompted.

Part 4. Plug the microSD card into the R4 card. There should be a small slot at the top of the R4 card into which the microSD card fits. As with the microSD card's adapter card, the microSD card only fits one way. Insert the R4 card into your Nintendo DS. The R4 card should fit into the slot into which you usually insert your games' cards. Make sure that the microSD card is snugly inserted into the R4 card as well.

On the original DS, you may first have to plug a card reader into the bottom of the DS. Select the "MicroSD Card" option. Select your game.

The game that you downloaded in ROM format should be displayed here. Select it to open it on your DS and begin playing! For hundreds of millions of people all over the world the name Nintendo is synonymous with video games.

While not the first videogame system to launch, the original Nintendo Entertainment Center completely and totally changed the videogame industry from top to bottom. The introduction on the Super Nintendo only took things to another level but then this Japanese company shook things to their very core when they released the Nintendo Game Boy.

Now, for the first time ever, people could play their favorite video games on the go and nothing was the same again. A couple of different versions of the Game Boy were released after the old school "classic gray box" but nothing really revolutionary hit the shelves until when the Nintendo DS launched. This videogame console kept the same handheld form factor of the original Game Boys but included a second screen that flipped up, a second screen that worked in tandem with the primary screen and allowed for a lot of new and innovative games to flood the market.

Originally Nintendo thought that the DS would be an experimental videogame console, expecting it to only capture a small amount of market share and really pushing it as a high-tech gizmo and gadget that some people would find fun but kind of gimmicky. By the end of , however, more than 50 million Nintendo DS game consoles have been sold and to date more than million Nintendo DS game consoles have been sold all over the world. Remarkably, the Nintendo DS and a couple of upgraded models in the DS family continued to be sold right up until You can still get your hands on these videogame consoles today, though you should expect to pony up quite a pretty penny if you want to get your hands on something really nice and close to brand-new.

Of course, the real nail in the coffin for the Nintendo DS and every other handheld video game console was the smart phone. These devices gave consumers the same kind of gaming experience in incredibly more powerful form factors, but also combined them with all the other amazing features smart phone technology has today. By downloading Nintendo DS ROMs including full games like The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon Diamond, New Super Mario Brothers, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown, and more you can load these digital files into your favorite emulator and start playing these classic games on any of your favorite devices - as well as popular streaming sticks and open-source videogame consoles you can play on your TV with Bluetooth controllers.

We have put together a library of hundreds of Nintendo DS ROMs that you can download right now, this very minute, and start playing in no time at all on your phone, your tablet, on your computer, or on your TV.

Dive into our extensive library of Nintendo DS ROMs today and relive some of your favorite games you thought you weren't going to be able to play anymore! Home current Roms Emulators RomHacks. New Super Mario Bros. NDS Information.

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Top 50 Nintendo DS (NDS) Games �??With Several Hidden Gems on NDS??

WebDownload and play Nintendo DS ROMs for free in the highest quality available. ROMs Get has the largest selection of ROMs and Nintendo DS Emulators. To browse Games . WebDownload unlimited Nintendo DS ROMs for free only at ConsoleRoms. Variety of NDS games that can be played on both computer or phone. WebAll DS Games - Nintendo Life DS Games All DS Games Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver DS Nintendo / Game Freak 12th Sep (JPN) 14th Mar (NA) 26th Mar .