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Simple to install, easy to operate, this is the best business software for a busy print shop. Never again worry or wonder what is coming out of your printer. Print Proof displays a high resolution proof exactly as it will be printed or saved to a file. See every crisp halftone, deep dense solid area and sharp edge spot color before printing. Not a small misleading FPO for position only preview, this is the print data displayed in full print quality!

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Freehand and you, together we got this. Bring on Eco-Tank printing! No more little cartridge supplies that run out fast or have issues installing. Emerald can image to every printer on the planet, but is your printer capable of printing quality films? Freehand has posted Benchmark standards that will help you understand which printer models can and cannot produce quality films. Getting your screen printing software reinstalled and activated should not add downtime to an already stressful situation.

Freehand makes it easy. No waiting for help. No need to submit support tickets or install trials. Freehand was absolutely fantastic, they helped clear up our software conflicts. Fast, knowledgeable, and did I mention fast? Review Your tech support at Freehand is truly results driven I appreciate your team spending time on my issue.

Thank you so much for the login. Such a simple issue that probably could not have been handled so well in any other way. Your knowledge of the product, and the remote connection to ultimately resolve the problem and get me up and running was awesome. I really appreciate the guidance. Once again, I send you thanks. Your professionalism and efficiency have made my job easier. We will definitely be working together in the future. Thank you for responding so quickly. You guys have the best support web site and staff in the business.

Works like a champ. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. Back to work. Great product. Great support and service. I wish we would have started out with AccuRIP instead of two dongle failures and various output issues with our original RIP software purchase. The paper media sensor sometimes struggles to detect clear film media. The use of low tack paper tape or a paper carrier sheet may be required.

True self financing software. Make more money than the cost of the software during the trial period while gaining confidence from this powerful solution for screen-printers. Click Here. Once active you have access to a NXT-Moves trial. Create a NXT-Moves account login and start designing. Freehand recommends working trials simultaneously to maximize the FREE fully-functional 8 day trial period. Profit before you purchase.

Need Help? At Freehand we get it and we keep making things better. Freehand and you, together we got this. No RIP needed to save files. Select one Dmax Ink kit during checkout. Contact sales for guidance: sales solutionsforscreenprinters. Activate anywhere you work. FREE Emerald updates included with all active software licenses keeps you current at all times. For legacy printer users and ABI renewals Freehand has a variety of solutions to keep you productive.

Reach out to us to learn more. Black Pearl supports the same printers shown in the Ruby version list of compatible printers shown above. Contact support agent for assistance.

Ruby, Black Pearl, and SE users are welcome to upgrade to the latest version. While Ruby, Black Pearl, and SE are no longer available the software will continue to operate on a healthy computer environment.

What has ended is the Parachute Protection for Ruby, Black Pearl, and SE to reactivate after a crash or hard drive reformatting, or to move the software to a new operating system�any loss of control over the license requires an upgrade. Contact tech support online with any questions. AccuRIP Emerald is more capable than ever. Emerald can print an image from ANY printer on the planet! These are the parameters Freehand uses to qualify a printer model. Pigment ink is not visually dense or durable.

All inkjet printers have a media sensor. Some printer models have weak sensors detecting only opaque paper. Look for a printer that can detect film media without the use of a paper carrier sheet or paper tape strip. Cartridge style printers require the use of a refillable ink cartridges. If using a cartridge style printer source refillable cartridges first. If not available, use a different model printer. Certification allows our skilled team to provide in-depth information about printer models used in film production for screen printers, so you can make an informed decision.

The review process is for this specific industry purpose film printing and is NOT rating the printer in regard to any other print process. The Mono position defaults to the Photo Black slot of the printer. Not all printer models are ABI Certified. Review the list of printers and options below. Mac and Windows list are not identical. Printing from a single nozzle delivers the high-quality print results you demand to expose great screens.

All users are welcome to contact sales via email, and support via the online system and ask for an assessment of your setup. Eventually all screen printers will want or need to convert over the NEW style of ECO friendly bulk ink tank printers never looking back. The past was good, but the future is better. All users should have an active or expired PrintFab trial installed before activation.

ZEDOnet will email you a license Keyfile used to activate the software. On Mac: Locate your downloaded license Keyfile in Finder then double click it. Save with discounted bundles!

Pixel Perfect Proof Positive Preview. Save separations to a DCS2. Single universal Emerald RIP print driver. N-Up nesting saves film. Tab-based user interface delivers fast feature access.

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Your return on investment ROI is so fast, users frequently report they make enough profit to cover its cost during the free trial period or soon after purchase. Software provides one of the greatest values to a business. We know you use software for all the right reasons and count on it everyday, that's why we engineer software that's easy to use, while delivering the finest results. Imagine your business life without software.

You'd be living in decades like the '70s and '80s we remember it well. It's and Freehand Graphics remains your industry go-to resource, incorporating decades of unprecedented screen-print knowledge and experience into expertly engineered pre-press software and solutions priced for your quick ROI. Your Inkjet is an efficient film output device thanks to software that delivers the critical controls.

This ability is the brainchild of FreehandUs CEO, Charlie Facini, and like all Freehand products brought cost saving efficiency and quality to pre-press. Already an AccuRIP 1. Company Name. Classes Online Courses My Courses. Rewards Earn Rewards. How to upgrade AccuRIP? AccuRIP is so easy to upgrade, download the "latest trial" version from the web and use that installer to update your present version. The installer will recognize your serial number and simply perform the necessary upgrade.

All settings will be retained and there will be no need to enter the serial number again. This window will show the "version number as well as the build number" of AccuRIP.

The build number tells you if your software is the latest release for that version. The higher the number the newer the release. Updates end when an Upgrade is released. Upgrades: contain NEW features that enhance the users ability.

How to move AccuRIP form one computer to another: AccuRIP has a great ability to "share" itself with an unlimited number of computers on the same network making it only necessary to install one version of AccuRIP pre printer onto a single computer. However, sometimes a user wishes to physically "move" the software and that is easy to do. An active internet connection is a must. From the "Activation Menu" choose "Transfer Activation".

A message will tell the user the process was successful. With about 20 minutes for the security servers to fully authorize and use the same code to install AccuRIP to another computer. If you have any issues contact tech support. Contact tech support for help.

To start working immediately, simply download the fully functional trial for the new computer hard drive. Simply re-install AccuRIP by running the installer again. Once complete, you can delete the program. What if I need to use it on more than one computer, are discounts available? Yes, but lets be sure you need more than one copy first.

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