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PowerPoint for the web Turn your ideas into compelling presentations using professional-looking templates. Softonic review. It's free. However, mjcrosoft does require you to enter a credit card number. Best Budget Laptops.

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Note that OpenOffice, a once-popular alternative, is basically dead now. If you don't want to use LibreOffice, try FreeOffice. You can use web apps like Word Online or Google Docs too, but we're focused on full desktop downloads here. Download: LibreOffice Free. Download: FreeOffice Free. Whether you want to try your hand at basic image manipulation, need a way to blur sensitive info in screenshots, or want to retouch old photos, everyone should have an image editing program installed.

Photoshop is the gold standard for this, but there are plenty of free tools that are more accessible. NET is a must-have Windows app for your image editing needs. It's far more powerful than Microsoft Paint, but doesn't overwhelm you with loads of confusing tools. You can easily blur out parts of an image, auto-level photos to make them look better, and add text and shapes to your pictures in just a few clicks.

Plenty of plugins allow you to expand its functionality, too. If you find Paint. Download: Paint. NET Free. Windows 10 and 11 include Windows Defender, which is a good enough antivirus for most users. However, it's wise to keep a secondary security program installed to supplement it.

For this, you can't beat Malwarebytes. The free version lets you scan your system for malware that your antivirus might not catch.

And for a powerful blended security solution, upgrading to Malwarebytes Premium is worth the cost. Download: Malwarebytes Free, subscription available.

Thanks to YouTube's ubiquity, you probably don't watch local videos too often. However, everyone should still keep a solid video player around on their desktop for when they need to play media files locally. Even if it's not one of the tools you think to download on a new computer right away, it will come in handy someday. For this task, nothing beats VLC Media Player, which packs a ton of features and is capable of playing nearly every video and audio format imaginable.

You'll save yourself the hassle of messing with video codecs or using QuickTime, which hasn't been supported on Windows for years. Download: VLC Free. Taking a screenshot on Windows is useful for everything from capturing funny moments to having a record of important information. You won't find a more powerful free screenshot tool than ShareX. With tons of capture methods, a solid built-in editor, the ability to run automated steps after you take a screenshot, and extra tools like a color grabber and ruler, ShareX has an impressive feature set for no cost.

If ShareX overwhelms you, give PicPick a try instead. It's a bit simpler, but doesn't compromise on features. Download: ShareX Free. Download: PicPick Free. Windows includes native support for simple zipped files, but anything beyond the basics requires a more powerful tool. While this isn't the most exciting software category, a file extractor is still a must-have PC app so you can work with any kind of archived files you might encounter.

It's small and installs in seconds, is easy to use, and stays out of your way when you're not using it. Those who need advanced features will still find them in 7-Zip, though. The only drawback of 7-Zip is its aged, spartan appearance. If you can't get over that, take a look at PeaZip, which is a similar tool with a much more attractive UI. Either way, you certainly don't need to pay for tools like WinRAR.

Download: 7-Zip Free. Download: PeaZip Free. Chances are that you use at least one messaging service to stay in touch with your friends during the day. With so many options to choose from, there's no way we could pick the best messaging service, because it all depends on what your friends use. So why not have all of them in one place? Rambox is our pick for the best messaging app on Windows.

You can even add other web apps, like Apple Music, to it. The app simply adds a new tab for every service you use, letting you keep up with every group in one window. It includes some extra features that make it more useful than opening these apps in your browser, and you can easily close or minimize one window instead of a half-dozen when it's time to focus.

While Rambox's free plan has some limitations, it offers more for free than competitors like Franz. Download: Rambox Free, subscription available. A clipboard manager is an important Windows app because it saves you a lot of time. Instead of only being able to keep one item on your PC's clipboard at once, clipboard managers let you keep track of the last several dozen entries you've copied. ClipClip is a great Windows clipboard manager to use.

In addition to logging what you copy, the app also lets you pin frequent snippets for easy access. It's easy to create folders for quickly pasting canned text like addresses, email responses, and similar. The app doesn't overwhelm you with options, but does let you tweak its hotkeys, disable clipboard monitoring when needed, and choose what the app ignores. Add it to your list of basic Windows software and you'll never have to worry about managing your PC's clipboard again.

Download: ClipClip Free. It's not humanly possible to create strong passwords for every account and remember them all. That's why you need a password manager. It's a secure service that creates good passwords for you and locks them behind one master password, which is the only one you have to remember.

Bitwarden is the best free password manager and one of the most important pieces of software you can download. In addition to the desktop app, you'll need to install the Bitwarden extension in your browser of choice to easily auto-fill passwords.

No problem. Do you want to sketch out some new design ideas? Never been simpler. You also can insert web videos or add files. In addition to content creation, the app supports excellent sharing options for colleagues and robust collaboration features that include freeform highlighting and annotation. A version of Skype is already integrated with Windows, but the official desktop app also allows you to share pictures, opt in for translation, and share your screen for troubleshooting purposes.

This app lets you create digital sticky notes as reminders, then place them on your desktop screen. The latest version comes with a few new tools as well, including the ability to add images to your notes, use the Surface Pen to create handwritten notes, and work in dark mode. You can even sync your notes across apps and devices. Yes, a wallpaper app can be a productivity app, too � especially when you find out how much time it saves on your 4K background hunt.

This app offers top-notch, high-resolution background wallpapers that you can change with a click without depending on sketchy sources online. Wallpapers go up to 8K resolution, and you can apply a lot of different search filters to find the wallpaper you want, making this an easy recommendation for new Windows users. Already have a lot of apps to juggle? It supports everything from email apps, to chat tools, to calendars, to social media. The dashboard allows you to instantly search for a specific app, gather your communication apps in one spot to always see if there are any new messages, and favorite or pin the apps you use the most.

However, the real fun begins when you start opening and using apps. The browser space allows you to position multiple apps next to each other so they can be open and active at the same time, just like traditional browser windows on your computer. You even have the ability to create custom apps for the tasks you frequently have. The painting application lets you choose from a variety of palettes and activity packs to color-in designs or work from the ground up, or you can upload your own art and apply filters or paint in the style of your choice.

It is a free app and can be especially fun if you have a windows tablet with a pen, as you can color in between lines, draw, and so much more. Prefer a more desktop-oriented program for sculpting your latest blog entry or web page? Open Live Writer is designed to do just that.

Inside you can create text, photo, or video posts, then publish them to your site whenever you want. Want more interesting effects for your photos than the usual apps offer? Before you upload to Instagram, take a look at Fused, which is designed to blend photos into a background and foreground to create different effects.

Going into all the ways this can be used would take a long time, but it can make your photos look awesome with the right work. If you like to create your own backgrounds, or just get a thrill out of posting impressive photos, check out what Fused has to offer. For many users, VLC is an old standby that handles nearly any popular video format you can throw at it.

The media player can play pretty much any video file ripped from a common source, including discs and network streaming protocols. If your computer functions more as an entertainment box than one made for productivity, we suggest downloading the Netflix app so that you can quickly access it directly from your desktop. Netflix also syncs across devices � if you start watching something on your computer, for example, you can finish on your Xbox One.

Everyone has their favorite music service, so feel free to substitute whatever app you prefer in here. Pandora has really stepped up with a strong app for both desktop and mobile devices, one that makes it easy to stream your favorite tunes.

The app also boasts compatibility with the Xbox One and is generally more Windows-friendly than Spotify. Since Microsoft is working on converging as much Xbox and Windows gameplay as possible, this app comes with some unique features, like the ability to stream games or movies from an Xbox One to your PC. The app also comes with social and sharing features, meaning you can quickly share game clips or join clubs. It is already built into your Windows 10 PC, and there is no need for an extra download.

That includes access to Instagram Stories and the Instagram Feed, as well as messages and the search feature. If you or your friends use WhatsApp, you deserve this clean desktop version that makes it easy to carry on multiple detailed chats at the same time. Twitter is home to late-breaking news and hot takes.

You can read and write to everyone from celebs to politicians to your favorite authors posting their thoughts there, for better or worse. Flipboard is a news aggregator designed for tile-based exploration and reading, making it a perfect fit for Windows Then, the app saves your personalizations for the next time you want to check the news.

This curation process saves you the time and energy of sorting through every news story to get to the ones that interest you, making it one of the best Windows apps for news. Additionally, the team will ensure that you get stories that are accurate and exciting.

Whichever news you prioritize, Microsoft News supplies a wide range of topics, reliably sourced, to bring you breaking information on the news that matters most to you. You can even sync your preferences across the web.

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WebOct 12, �� To find and download apps or games on your PC, you can use the built-in app store for Windows 10/11 � Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store is also named Windows . WebSelect the search button on the taskbar and type the name of the app or program. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and start typing. Note: Students using Windows 11 SE . WebWhatsApp Free iTunes Offers in app purchases Free+ Netflix Free Spotify - Music and Podcasts Free iCloud Free Snipping Tool Free Clipchamp - Video Editor Free Microsoft .