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EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Mathematical Scepticism: the Cartesian View. Analytical geometry, also known as coordinate geometry or Cartesian geometry, is the study of geometry using a coordinate system. The Cartesian coordinates are the foundation of analytical geometry and are essential to astronomy, physics, engineering, etc.

And so, he did all he could do to do best in his studies at school and college. He also read the most important books of his day, and searched for knowledge. However, at the end of all this, he found out that he knew nothing significant because: 1. He was full of doubts 2. All the topics in philosophy were controversial and there was no consensus or agreement among philosophers regarding a single subject.

The other sciences of the day were based on such controversial philosophy; so, they were also unreliable. Theology was a field of study that began with divine revelation e. He felt that this was beyond him. So, Descartes left his home and went about traveling, mixing with people, meeting armies, and gathering as much diversity of experience as possible. He realized that people of other customs and cultures who were called barbarians by many Europeans were also intelligent and civilized in their own respect.

What most people were believing to be absolute truths were actually only relative to their own customs and cultures. Such beliefs could not be relied upon if one really wanted to have absolute certainty of truth in life. What the majority think is no guarantee of truth. The majority of people believe all sorts of weird things. What is needed is practical truth, knowledge that is personally useful. Accept only what is indubitably certain.

To solve a problem, first break it into small bits. Solve it bit by bit. Solve the easier bits first, then move on to solving the more difficult ones. Rigorously review and re-test everything.

He got his inspiration for this method from mathematics. Mathematicians always broke a problem into bits, moved from the easier to the more difficult, and rigorously reviewed their findings.

However, though Descartes had strong confidence in mathematics he had one big problem to solve before he could accept it. Unless he could solve it, mathematics was also not indubitable. This problem is known as the deceiving god or evil demon problem. If this was true, then all my mathematical calculations would be wrong though I imagined them to be right. In that case, my knowledge is based on uncertainty.

Suppose we were not created by any God, but exist by some other means e. Then, in that case, we would be more deceivable and open to error than ever.

Descartes finds his Foundations But, Descartes suddenly realized that even if a God or a demon were deceiving him, and he could doubt the whole world of experiences people, trees, things, etc , there is one thing that he could not doubt, the fact that it is he who is doing the doubting or it is he who is wondering if he is being deceived. In other words, he could not doubt his own existence. That means, I exist.

This also meant that the mind is different from the body, because he was able to doubt the reality of his body he could imagine his body did not exist and that it was an illusion , but he could not doubt the reality of himself as a thinking being.

Next, Descartes focused on the idea of perfection and claimed to be able to see that an all-perfect being God necessarily and eternally exists. He claimed to know this not on the basis of reasoning, but by clarity of intuition. He said that if people would steadily fix their mind on this concept of the all-perfect being, they would be able to see for themselves that this all-perfect being must have necessary and eternal existence.

Descartes went forward and gave a few arguments to help others see this for themselves. The Ontological Argument: 1. Whatever I clearly and distinctly perceive to be contained in the idea of something is true of that thing. I clearly and distinctly perceive that necessary existence is contained in the idea of God. Therefore, God exists. Another way of putting this argument would be: 1. I have an idea of a supremely perfect being, i.

Necessary existence is a perfection. Therefore, a supremely perfect being exists See Nolan If we say that we have the concept of the all-perfect, but also say that such an all-perfect being does not exist, then we are actually saying that this all-perfect being is lacking something, viz. However, if the all-perfect lacks something, then how can it be all-perfect? Therefore, the all-perfect must necessarily exist.

It is his trademark. Argument 1 1. We have a concept of things, e. We have the concept of an all-perfect being. We have neither seen such a being nor have ever created such a being for nothing around us nor we are all-perfect. Therefore, the concept of an all-perfect being must have some other source.

That source must be all-perfect, or else it cannot produce the concept of an all-perfect being. Therefore, such a source, viz. If I have the concept of something more perfect than myself, then I am not the source of my own being.

I have the concept of something more perfect than myself 3. Therefore, I am not the source of my own being. If I am not the source of my own being because I am not all-perfect, then an all-perfect being must be the source of my being.

I am not the source of my own being because I am not all-perfect. Therefore, an all perfect being is the source of my being. In other words, 1. I have a clear and distinct idea of an all-perfect being.

The idea of an all-perfect can only be produced by an all-perfect being. Therefore, the idea of an all-perfect being in me has been produced by an all-perfect being. The Argument from Contingency or the Conservation Argument: 1. If contingent dependent things continually exist endure, are conserved , then a self-existent reason for their endurance necessarily exists.

Contingent things continually exist. Therefore, a self-existent reason for their endurance necessarily independently exists. If things that are dependent and changing can persist through time, then there must be an independent and unchanging being that makes this possible.

Dependent and changing things persist through time. Therefore, there is an independent and unchanging being who makes this possible. Note that these arguments were only formulated as eye-openers by Descartes. Proceeding on from here, he was able to recover his faith in mathematical truths since he was able to now rely on his reasoning faculty and proceed on to enquire of other things.

Note: In all this search, Descartes did not turn to any of the previous philosophers like Plato or Aristotle. He began afresh as if none of them ever existed. This was the bravest and boldest step a philosopher could have ever taken in that time, and so we may say that Descartes is rightly called as the father of modern philosophy.

I exist 2. God exists 3. My reasoning faculty is reliable 4. Use doubt as a method of enquiry. He received numerous responses and reviews and responded to all objections that he considered to be serious. The objections further consolidated his belief that his findings were true. Some of the key objections were: 1. Descartes had more confidence in inductive reasoning starting with small bits before coming up with the bigger picture than in deductive reasoning.

After reaching a general conclusion through accurate inductive reasoning, one can start deducing conclusions from such general premises. But, one has to begin with individual instances and smaller bits of information.

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How download windows on mac Views of Philosophy. Can an Atheist know that he exists? He realized that people of other customs and cultures downloqd were called barbarians by many Europeans were also intelligent and civilized in their own respect. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Therefore, the idea of an all-perfect being in me has been produced by an all-perfect being. Another way of putting this argument would be: 1. Anton Matytsin.

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WebA Discourse on Method: Rene Decartes: Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming: Internet Archive A Discourse on Method by Rene Decartes Publication date Usage Public . WebRENE DESCARTES MEDITATIONS ON FIRST PHILOSOPHY Meditations On First Philosophy Rene Descartes Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, This file is . WebJan 10, �� A. English editions of Descartes' works Descartes' Philosophical Writings [ pdf] tr., ed., Norman Kemp Smith, ed. Rules, Discourse, Dioptric, Meditations, Missing: download.