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Fft analyzer software free download

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Data from a variety of sensors are used across virtually all industries in order to solve problems, optimize designs, test prototypes, monitor machinery, and many other jobs like the ones listed below:. Dewesoft offers flexible data acquisition systems with signal conditioners for the connection of any type of sensor that can record data and perform real-time FFT analysis.

The Dewesoft FFT analyzer allows setting multiple processing markers for automatic detection of different parameters. Our frequency analyzer offers the following markers:. All processing markers work as derived math channels and will create new channels that can be stored and used for additional analysis.

Envelope detection is a standard procedure for the early detection of faults on ball bearings. When a failure of the ball bearing occurs, it will produce ringing with a frequency that corresponds to its natural frequency. This ringing will repeat each time when a damaged part of the ball hits the ring or vice versa.

In addition, the inner ring, outer ring, cage, and balls have different typical repeating frequencies depending on the geometry of the bearing and the rotational frequency. With DewesoftX data for bearing components are automatically managed by a bearing database. Using envelope detection and the bearing database simplifies pin-pointing critical frequency components related to specific bearing components and enables kinematic cursors to be used.

Short-time Fourier transform or shorter STFT is a well-known technique in signal processing for analyzing non-stationary signals. STFT segments the signal into narrow time intervals and takes the Fourier transform of each segment. When the signal changes quickly, there is only a short time to calculate the frequency spectrum. But you still need good frequency resolution, and STFT is the solution.

Real and imaginary parts are usually gathered from two proximity probes installed along the X and Y axes. Traditional spectrum calculations provide no information regarding the direction of motion of individual frequency components on rotating shafts, but full-spectrum fills that gap. Full-spectrum is used for signal modulation, signal demodulation, and rotor whirl analysis. The cepstrum analysis calculation can be used to determine characteristics in speech analysis, and to enhance the analysis of vibration signatures such as gearbox and bearing frequencies.

Dewesoft provides mirror spectrum, low and high-frequency outputs. The video on the right side shows Cepstrum math being used on a microphone input signal to determine the speaker's name. The typically used results from FFT analysis are the Power spectra Autospectra determined from single individual input channels. If characteristics across multiple channels are required for analysis of correlation and phase relations, then cross power spectra are used.

With cross-spectra a reference channel is selected and cross-spectra is calculated for all channels relative to that reference channel. Power spectral density PSD is the measure of the signal's power content versus frequency. A PSD is typically used to characterize broadband random signals. The amplitude of the PSD is normalized by the frequency resolution. Dewesoft also provides great tools for long-term vibration and machine condition monitoring. What Faults Can We Detect?

The Historian software package provides a time-series database for long-term data storage. The database can be either located locally, on the remote server, or in the cloud.

The solution is based on the InfluxDB time-series database. Historian provides several features for your historic data:. Dewesoft FFT analyzer can also be used with sound and noise applications for sound spectrum analysis. Support for IEPE microphones makes sound measurement a breeze. Dewesoft FFT analyzers are a great investment for the future.

Our solutions are constantly being improved, and new features are being added all the time. All updates to our FFT analysis software suite are free of charge. We offer lifetime free software updates and free software technical support. Our industry-leading 7-year warranty on Dewesoft data acquisition systems means worry-free measurements for you. We are committed to ensuring that your investment in our measurement equipment was a good one - even when the unexpected occurs.

Together with world-class data acquisition technology , Dewesoft provides the best FFT analysis solution your money can buy. Check the following links for additional resources and material regarding our FFT spectrum analysis solution:. Frequency analysis is just another way of looking at the same data. Instead of observing the data in the time domain, frequency analysis decomposes time data in the series of sinus waves. Fast Fourier transform is a mathematical method for transforming a function of time into a function of frequency.

It is described as transforming from the time domain to the frequency domain. Window functions are used to reduce the effects of spectral leakage. Windowing is used to assign a weighting coefficient to each of the input samples, reducing those samples that cause spectral leakage. In effect, samples at the beginning and at the end of the sampling period are reduced to zero so that the discontinuities in the periodized sampled signal are removed.

All Dewesoft FFT analyzers come with an industry-leading 7-year warranty. We build our equipment to last. We guarantee you that your hardware will be free from defects and functional. Our warranty covers that the instruments function as promised for a period of 7 years from the day of the delivery.

DewesoftX Professional includes advanced features for data storing, visualization, export, and also includes an extensive math library for signal processing.

All the updates to our software are free forever. We release a new major version every two months. All the performance updates, new features, and bug fixes are available for free to all existing Dewesoft users by simply download our installer from the website.

Connect any signal and sensor. Packed with the latest DAQ technology. Free DAQ software included. Small, portable, USB-powered 4-channel data collection system for sound and vibration measurement.

SIRIUS mini offers an amazing dB dynamic range and is the perfect portable vibration analyzer or acoustic noise measurement device. Modern data interfaces such as USB 3. Compact, mobile, and portable data acquisition systems that feature a built-in data logger, powerful data processing computer, multi-touch display, and internal batteries for maximum portability.

Rugged and distributed EtherCAT data acquisition system for field measurement in extreme and harsh environments. Tailor-made data acquisition device for structural health monitoring solutions. Ideal price-performance for permanent condition monitoring on structures such as bridges, buildings, antennas, and stadiums. Versatile 8-channel data acquisition system and data logger with cutting edge signal conditioning at an attractive price with analog, counter, and CAN inputs.

Single axis, triaxial accelerometers and impulse hammers for vibration measurement and structural modal analysis. Experience data recording, signal processing, and data visualization like never before.

DewesoftX DAQ software received multiple international awards, is innovative and easy-to-use, but at the same time very deep in functionality. Our mission is clear - one software for all test and measurement applications. Historian is a database software service for long-term and permanent monitoring.

It provides storage into an InfluxDB time-series database for long-term and permanent monitoring applications. Monitor your vibration, temperature, inclination, strain, pressure, and other data with self-hosted or fully cloud-managed service. Order analysis is a technique for analyzing noise and vibration signals in rotating or reciprocating machinery that runs at a steady or varying speed.

It can provide complete diagnostics of generators, combustion engines, compressors, turbines, pumps, and rotating shafts.

The Dewesoft solution is extremely powerful. In combination with other measurement and analysis features like orbit analysis , torsional vibration , combustion engine analysis , and power analysis , it is the only available solution on the market that provides a complete set of tools for rotating machinery analysis.

Dewesoft offers a real-time, simple-to-use order tracking analysis solution at an attractive price, bundled with an industry-leading 7-year warranty , lifetime FREE software updates, and FREE technical support.

Oscilloscope dual channel, xy, time division, trigger. Frequency meter in time and frequency domain and counter; in time domain by means of a real time zero crossing algorithm. Volt meter with DC [New! Screenshot of Spectrum and Scope window. Internal 80 bit IEEE floating point variables for minimum rounding error. Cepstrum analysis , cross correlation. Extended THD measurements, with automatic sweep, compensation, data log.

ZRLC meter with vector scope, automatic sweep in time and frequency for automatic measurement. Wave file recording and playback. Custom FIR filters. Price: Freeware.

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