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This was that one feature I was looking forward to ever since I made the switch to Playstation. Except there's only one option and that too on console, which is Twitter. It's really sad to see how much Playstation emphasizes on 'Sharing' to the point where there's a dedicated button on the controller for it, yet no support on the app itself. It still has the basic most features the last PS App did, but this time it was just revamped with a nice and clean look.

Overall, great work on the app so far. Hope I'm heard and can expect something out of it in the near future! I love the new update, It looks great!

But there are so many things from the older version that i believe makes it better than the newer version. Being able to customize your profiles look by changing your cover image, profile color, and more was a huge deal for me. Customizing group chats was another cool thing. You can do it in the new version, but it has to be with more than two people. When you start the app you can see what your recently played games are.

When you go to your profile, you can also see what your recently games played are. I preferred the old layout. Same goes with seeing friends profile. I thought that was a great way to see what your friends are up to. I love that you can download games to your console and make purchases though the app.

I love how it saves the clips for a certain amount of time and you can easily just download them to your phone camera roll or send them as a message on play station! But overall, 5 stars of awesome for design and ease of use, yes some things are slower but probably one of the best social apps I have!

Thank you! The developer, PlayStation Mobile Inc. The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Often, when I am typing a message to a friend or group, it starts stuttering and will eventually freeze.

Captured gallery doesn't always save everything when it should. Also for some reason, this app has a hard time connecting to Bluetooth. I always have to close app fully and go back in to make it work. Extremely frustrating, I've had games for months before the app will show them in my library. It's difficult to get it to let me buy add-ons.

Had Hotwheels for a couple months and it still hasn't showed up in my library on the app nor will it let me buy dlc pack from the app. Trophies seem to take forever to show up as well. Only reason to use this is to save the media you record off your system when it's set to auto upload to the app onto your phone, when that works. I have used this app for many years and I am overall very pleased with my experience with it. Recently though, every time I go to type a message it lags out and freezes my phone.

Whenever I go to send an image it will tell me it didn't send and when I click the retry button it'll send it twice. It also has become difficult to join parties. My internet connection could be perfect but it still has these issues.

If Playstation could please fix these issues that'd be great. PlayStation Mobile Inc. PS Remote Play. Run Sackboy!

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Why fuss over mute controls or get distracted by unwanted background noises when you should be focusing on what matters instead? Have you ever been caught in a situation where you have spent the critical opening moments of your business pitch for the latest project describing your ideas, only to realize you were on mute?

Our VoiceDetect feature controls your mute status by voice detection as you speak�your microphone gets muted automatically when you stop speaking, and unmutes you instantly as you start speaking. There is absolutely no need to fiddle with any buttons�physical or in-app�so you can on track with your train of thought during the pitch.

If you need to talk to someone on the side, disable the VoiceDetect feature temporarily by manually pressing on the physical mic mute button, and reactivate the VoiceDetect feature by pressing on the same button. Noise is the enemy of all calls�whether it's happening in our surrounding or coming from our co-workers�it's equally disruptive.

Here's the thing: the common solutions available in the market are either headsets with noise-cancelling microphones, or standalone microphones that reduces your background noise pickup. These solutions have 2 things in common�they are expensive, and they only reduce noise happening in your own background. But what if it is your colleague's background noise that's driving you insane? We have the perfect fix with our NoiseClean features that reduces static background noises from both ends�incoming and outgoing audio�of the conversation.

NoiseClean-in analyzes your incoming audio imagine a colleague with a noisy background in your video call , detecting and suppressing the unwanted noises, before sending just your colleague's clean voice to you through your headphones. NoiseClean-out does the same�but for your own background noise. And don't just take our words for it. Hear it for yourself! Plug it in, download, and go.

Download and install the Creative app onto your Windows PC. For new users, start by creating an account with us. For any existing users, you may sign in via any accounts you have with us, like your Creative store account, or other software accounts e. To make further adjustments or control each feature individually, access the Advanced settings inside the SmartComms Kit module.

Advanced settings allow you to access and control each feature according to your environment and preferences. For example, you'll be able to set how long it takes for your microphone to be automatically muted after you've stopped talking, or the level of background noise reduction you want on your outgoing audio what others hear. Expand the soundstage of your content, and hear spatialized audio which gives you a sense of space beyond conventional stereo sound.

Best used for work calls to reduce call fatigue, open world games, and even music for a heighted sense of audio immersion. Hear deeper and richer bass response that is clean yet impactful for that seat-rumbling experience. Best used to bring out the effects of explosions in movies, headbanger songs, and the roar of ancient beasts in MMORPGs.

On the back of everything is what we do best�audio quality. This instant audio upgrade is also extremely lightweight 8. Creative has taken the most common issues for video conference sound and made it extremely easy to find a cure. At the price, this is a great DAC, and a SmartComms app is a huge asset for working from home, online schooling, entertainment and more. Read Full Review.

The Play! Being that it is so small you can easily fit it in your pocket or laptop bag. Creative always delights me with new products that are multi-functional yet affordable. Good little soundcard. Excellent clarity, high resolution dac and clear sound form my microphone. Download Software. Owner's Manual. To verify if your phone is compliant with the USB Audio Standard, you will have to approach your mobile device's manufacturer. The table below lists the compatibility of the Android Phone models that have been tested in-house.

Do note that this list is not exhaustive and we will continue to update the list from time to time. When the battery level of your mobile device is too low, it may not be able to provide sufficient power to the Sound Blaster PLAY! By default, it is set to Mode 2 for optimized performance with PC. For gaming consoles users, switch to Mode 1. Ensure that NoiseClean is only switched on during online calls. NoiseClean may interfere with normal media playback e.

Android devices can only record audio from its built-in microphone during video recording, and this limitation applies to all third-party USB audio products. If your headphones or headset do implement the standard 1-button and 3-buttons media control functions, you can control the functions as follow:. Visit creative. Alternatively, you may also upgrade to the latest firmware via the Creative app.

Its functions will, however, still work. In most cases, the default media playback volume is always set to maximum on the media player software. On Android devices, user control is limited to the media playback volume and the USB audio volume. Other communications software like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet does not run into this issue.

We advise users to mute or unmute directly on Microsoft Teams' interface. For safety concerns, most mobile phone manufacturers do not recommend charging and using the phone concurrently, wired or wirelessly.

More Info Done Allow all. Now, it's time to change the way you take your calls. Communicate Smarter with Smartcomms Kit Our SmartComms Kit was developed to fix one common issue for Windows users�to simplify the way we communicate online�via a suite of smart communication features. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. Mute and Unmute Yourself Automatically Have you ever been caught in a situation where you have spent the critical opening moments of your business pitch for the latest project describing your ideas, only to realize you were on mute?

LED Light. Two-way Noise Cancellation. And voila, you're done! Guide to SmartComms Kit's Advanced Settings Advanced settings allow you to access and control each feature according to your environment and preferences. Not recommended. Watching a program is fine. It has good quality and runs smoothly. But the ADS. No I'm not complaining that there are too many. The amount is fine. But the number of times the App freezes or gets stuck in an infinite AD loop is insane.

Every day at least once I have to restart the program just because an AD has gotten itself Stuck in a loop and keeps repeating over and over again. And also penalizing the viewer for skipping forward is just Cruel. I watch the news but I'm thi king of uninstalling. There are a totally crazy number of adds. Usually one per news item and one item can be 30 seconds. Even for the ahort ones.

A while ago there it was much better. Maybe one add every three news items, that's resonable! Not three per news item!!! Please fix this.

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WebThe good news is: fourplay isn't a dating app; it's a social app for singles. Let's face it, swiping by yourself is a soul-sucking activity, and nothing is worse than missing out on a . WebA must-have for any work calls, the Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 is designed to solve your video call woes by simplifying the way you communicate. It debuts our newest SmartComms .