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A voice in the wind pdf download free

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I was shocked at how much I cared, and how quickly. I've enjoyed better writing, and not all of Rivers' points hit the mark for me, but I've come across few characters that I've loved as much as Hadassah. I had to put the down the book at least a dozen times because she made me want to cry - not out of sadness or pity at her incredibly difficult situation, but because she was so good.

I am not easily moved, but she could not have won me over more completely. She is the kind of character that impresses, influences and inspires the reader long after the book has been put down.

I found myself looking at my life and wanting to make changes in that way I handle adversity, the way I express love and the way I view sacrifice. For that alone, I have to give this book four stars. Kristin KC. Nothing less than 5 Stars for this beauty! This is such a breathtaking story--so honest and hopeful and humbling. There's no way around them. Religious beliefs, customs, biblical analysis, and Christian theories saturate this story from top to bottom and every crevice in-between.

If that's not your idea of fun, than this one may not work for you. This story is long, over pages, and is slowly paced. Each character represents very specific elements of Christian faith--stemming from its humbled servants, to the self-righteous, to the non-believers, to the down-right evil.

The setting is historical, taking place after Jesus' death, right before the rise of Christianity. The plot narrows in on the lives of four characters who will eventually connect.

There are brutal moments--slavery, abuse, fight-to-the-death gladiator battles--and there are tender, peaceful moments that are every bit as powerful.

Maybe even more so. The writing is beautiful and aids this story to life. There's truly so much depth and meaning to dive into, I couldn't help becoming inspired. There is a romance, a very powerful one, but its progression is quite slow. In fact, every bit of this story moves at a believable speed.

It's never an instant turnaround--and I loved how this author remains true to that. If you'd like to read a more in-depth recount of this story, check out Amy Foxy 's beautiful review! She really does this story justice! Historical setting. After Jesus, before the rise of Christianity. You will want to move forward. Not yet Pre-review Buddy read with Foxy--who got me to read Redeeming Love 3 years ago which became a top favorite!

What took so long?! So excited! Amy Foxy Blogs. It has biblical principles throughout the story. The story takes place 40 years after Jesus was persecuted. Being a Christian was a scary thing during that time period because if you were found out that meant you would be fed to the lions as entertainment for the Romans.

Hadassah : her family is killed and she's taken from her home and put into slavery. She was born a Jew being a Jew is both a Nationality and religion and no one suspects that she is a Christian. In our modern world we would consider him a manwhore because he has a different woman all the time. He is very handsome and has an air of confidence about himself.

Her outer beauty is the envy of many women and catches the eyes of many men. Atretas : a warrior in his country he is taken and made into a gladiator.

All this is done for the entertainment of the Romans. The beginning of this story is not what will draw you to it. It's like reading the Old Testament where you are learning about the history of what is happening.

Once you get past that part So, if you start the book and feel like maybe this isn't for you because it drags a little just know once you are about a fifth of the way into the book you'll have a hard time putting it down. My all-time favorite book is Redeeming Love which happens to be by this author. I was asked if this book surpasses Redeeming Love as my favorite.

This book has: manwhores, backstabbers, murderers, gladiators, schemers, aborters, forbidden romance, and the list goes on. It primarily follows four main characters, the first being Hadassha who is a young Christian from Jerusalem who has been taken as a slave in Rome. Her entire family was killed and the family she works for treats her well, mostly. Marcus is the son of the Valarians, who own Hadassha. His sister, Julia is who Hadassha attends to and let me tell you, Julia is a piece of work.

Then there is Atretas , a German warrior who is taken by the Romans and turned into a slave in a different way. These four individual stories intertwine together in different ways.

This book was truly stunning and a story I will never forget. It made me think, made me feel, and at times, made me really ragey, but overall I loved it so much! Viktoriya Shostak. I just finished this book it made me feel different, it made me wants to change and become like Hadassah. This book is a good representation of a Christian woman, and the faith, and peace that all of our hearts are looking for.

Walking in the darkness of the garden to pray to God, the faithful slave girl that served with desire and love to the people who she learned to love.

It is sad to know that someone with her faith had died, but because of the quote that said at the end "But the eyes of the Lord are watching over those who fear him, who rely upon his steady love. God would protect her and she would live. This is the most amazing book to read about how hard it is some time to come to Christ and how hard to overcome your fear.

She shows us the way to be faithful even when she thinks he fails. She would pray and God would answer. I learned that he is a voice in the wind and he is the silent watcher and protector of his people Everyone should read this amazing book; it will change how they look at life. I know through this book God has something new to show me about him, and I'm ready to see what it is. God bless everyone who is reading this Series The mark Of the Lion, May the Lord show you his power and change your life with every word that is written within this these books.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers. Show full review. Lady Jane. I have a different perspective than most of the Goodreads reviewers of A Voice in the Wind. An avoider of the romance genre--both Christian and secular--I loved the first part of the book, depicting the fall of Jerusalem and Haddassah's transition to Roman slavery.

I previously dispassionately stored in my mind the historic fact that losers in wars became the slaves of their conquerors, but Ms. Rivers' long, emotive description made the horror and depth of that trauma real to me in a manner I hadn't considered. It almost brought tears to my eyes thinking about how many people have suffered this devastation. I also found interesting Ms. Rivers' depiction of Ancient Rome. I appreciated that the way she informed the reader of its depravity without either glamorizing it with too much detail or sanitizing it into a toga-wearing society of butterflies and rainbows by ignoring its corruption.

However, when the story devolved into a maudlin romance I began rolling my eyes, losing interest and getting irritated. I recognize that Ms. Rivers was a successful romance novelist before her conversion to Christianity and accept that this professional strength will necessarily inform her subsequent work. It's just not my cup of tea.

On a spiritual level, I appreciated Haddassah's struggle with fear in identifying herself as a Christian and sharing the gospel, but found her perfection to be abrasive. What a blessing that Haddassah was able to experience such violent loss and slavery without any emotional damage that hindered her from responding as a perfect Christian in every circumstance! But, then, perfection or near-perfection in heroes and heroines is a staple in the romantic genre. So, A Voice in the Wind was a mixed bag for me.

I liked it ok, but I will not be reading its sequel. Amanda BookLoverAmanda. Ya'll I literally just finished this 30 minutes ago and I am so in my feels right now. Our main character of Hadassah has such strong faith - she inspires me so much. My heart. The ending This book is all about Hadassah's faith journey and the people she meets along the way. The story starts off in Jereusalem when the Romans come in killing Jews and capturing the women for slavery. Hadassah loses her family in this tragedy, between the killings and severe starvation.

She is sold to be a roman house slave, hungry and alone. In her journey as a house slave, she never stops praying, talking and trusting God. Her brother told her -- "remember the Lord" and thats what she did, every step of the way.

The family she is slave to, Marcus, his parents and sister, grow attached to her in many different ways. Marcus' sister Julia is the primary woman that Hadassah tends to throughout the story and many hard things happen along the way.

But Hadassah is an amazing Christian girl character who truly shows us what it means to be a Christian in every hardship she experiences.

We also follow a side character, Atretes, who is from Germania and captured by the Romans to battle in arenas for sport. As you can see from my initial reaction review, I absolutley adored this story. There are some hard topics and violence in this book - but honestly, its a biblical fiction story that portrays much of what happens in the bible itself. Yes, be aware of the content, but I also understand that it doesnt even touch some of the brutal things that actually occur in the bible itself.

I think this book does a phenomenal job of touching our hearts and drawing us close to the Lord. We see what it means to truly forgive and serve others. What it means to be a Christian and believer of the Lord. I couldn't begin to describe to you the emotions this book brings out in me.

Happiness, sadness, disgust, anger, love, joy, terror, hate, heartbreak I just love this book so much. Its not even this book This story takes place in old Roman times This is one of those books that many won't want to read, and so they won't, but its definitely one that everyone should read.

Wonderful book. Francine Rivers used to write secular novels, but found her calling was with Christian stories. I found myself pulled into the story, wanting to know what happens next, and being fascinated with the Roman way of life.

Knowing how Francine Rivers writes, I'm sure the historical accounts of everyday Roman life is pretty accurate. Yes, there is love and romance, but only hints of sex. Nothing tawdry. The descriptions of the Roman gladiator fights were fairly graphic, not to mention the accounts of people being fed to the lions as entertainment.

Very sad.. Don't bother reading this if you're not willing to read the second in the series. You will want to know how it continues Also, if you're put off by the Christian theme, she is probably not the author for you. I'm still surprised how people become so inflamed by a blatant Christian theme in a Christian novel, by a Christian writer. Well of course! It would be like reading a vegetarian cookbook and not expecting an obvious "vegetarian way of life is better Not to mention a strong possibility of the "dangers of being a carnivore As Homer Simpson would say..

It was possibly one of the best books I have ever read. I never got around to reading the next two in the series, so I am re-reading it now, so that I can continue with the series.

I think it is my number one favorite book ever. I can't wait to continue with book number 2, and eventually read all three in the series.

This story follows Hadassah, a Judean Christian brought to Rome after the fall of Jerusalem, Marcus and Julia, two young Roman citizens, and Atretes, a German warrior and chieftain defeated in battle and brought to Rome as a gladiator. The good: This book was head and shoulders above any other Christian fiction I've read, in terms of willingness to write about the seamier things as well as simple writing talent.

In general, I was pleased with how the author portrayed Rome. She didn't shy away from the seedier aspects, including the immense of amounts of sex -- all kinds of sex -- that the Romans enjoyed. Too frequently Christian authors get squeamish and try to sanitize history for the sake of their little Christian book, but she really went for it. And not just with the sex, but with the violence of the arena as well. And in general, her history was good, she had a pretty good understanding of how Romans thought, why they disliked Jews as well as Christians, and why they thought both sects were dangerous, crazy, and worthy of being despised and scorned.

The bad: Oh, Hadassah. You little stereotypical Christian heroine Mary Sue. She drove me nuts. She was so damn perfect. In fact, her one flaw, as portrayed in the book, was that she DIDN'T go around proclaiming for love for Jesus to everyone she met.

Frankly, I did not find this a flaw. I found this her one redeeming feature to her otherwise sickeningly sweet personality. Ugh, Hadassah, so uselessly twee. Julia had the opposite problem -- she too was rather flat though in the other direction. You can tell the author tried to give her a character arc, but it doesn't quite scan The Ugly: Ok, first and foremost Things just kind of happened, and then other things happened, and then, look! More things! They happened! But none of it never seemed to lead anywhere.

Maybe this is because it's part of a trilogy, but each book needs to feel somewhat complete within itself. A book should not be pages and yet have no plot. Second, the author got a couple of historical facts really really wrong. First, Romans did not have a sense of heterosexuality and homosexuality like we do.

There were only 2 roles: pitchers and catchers. Roman male citizens were always pitchers, women and slaves were always catchers. While a Roman male would be scorned for being buggered BY another male, as long as he was the one doing the schtupping, it didn't matter whether it was a male or female.

Romans viewed it the same. Second, she got her history on abortion all mixed up. First, there actually WERE laws against abortion she has a character say there's not one but it was not homicide -- it was viewed more as theft against the father or master, if the pregnant woman was a slave because he lost a potential investment. Second, the Romans never questioned whether fetuses were "babies" or not, they took the Greek view of thinking of fetuses as more plant-like until they drew breath.

Also, Hadassah's reactions about all these things were ridiculous. Anyone who grew up in that era would have been inured to these things, whether they agreed with them or not Considering this was written pre-internet, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt of not being able to readily find this rather obscure information, but I still resent her shoe-horning a modern issue onto a plot-device that made NO SENSE historically.

I still haven't decided whether I'm going to read 2 and 3. Lisa Bergren. Author 81 books 3, followers. Loved this. Still one of my top 10 of all Christian fiction novels Katie Hanna.

Author 6 books followers. To clear up any remaining confusion, my personal reasons for disliking it were as follows: 1. Needlessly graphic content, poorly handled. Thoroughly unlikable hero.

Unhealthy use of the "good-girl-redeems-bad-boy" trope. There ya go. Can't finish this one. I do not like Christian Fiction Romance, and that's a fact. My friend wanted me to try it because it's her favorite book ever. Kellyn Roth. Author 24 books followers. I actually really liked that. I thought I'd never read a Francine Rivers book.

And I probably will never read another one unless I choose to continue this series. I had to remove a star because of content and another for a few things I'll mention when I get to the actual bookish parts of the book apart from the content.

Okay, so, normally I don't believe any Christian book with bad content can be justified at all. However, there was a little excess, especially for a Christian novel which is why I removed a star.

Though there was never, say, a sex scene a fairly intense kissing scene was as far as it got, and that led nowhere , Roman culture was probably one of the most corrupt ever, and the author never shied away from it. It rivaled today's culture, in fact which is part of the reason why this book is so powerful!

And portraying it in a godly light would be difficult. The author did well in honestly representing the depth of corruption. I still felt that sometimes she focused too much on the darkness rather than the light and overdid the details about the sinful lives of the characters. There were many amazing truths in this book. How sin ruins a person's life. How terrible sin makes you feel even if it gives you pleasure for an instant.

How, in a sinful, godless culture, darkness seems to consume everything in its path. Hadassah was an amazing example of Christianity in a dark time. In this spoiler section, I'm going to list all the content in this book it's a long list and contains minor spoilers so you can know what's going on and decide whether or not it's too much for you to read it. He talks a lot about how 'love isn't wrong,' how much he wants her, etc. However, he does restrain himself, sooo? Something she should definitely have left out; made me so mad!

Like, why? It didn't even further the plot! It was just there! A mention or two of witchcraft, demonic powers, etc. Mentions of crucifixions, people being fed to the lions, dipped in pitch and set on fire, and all the other persecutions.

Much talk about how thousands were slaughtered, etc. Some details about the process. Thankfully, Hadassah is the one sent to abandon the child He is known to have sexual relations with slave girls, though he doesn't during the book I don't think.

The culture was just sooo corrupt, guys. I mean, I always knew this, but seeing it in a book, I was like, "Why do we like Rome again? I've forgotten Which was good. Apart from the content, here are my thoughts on the book: It head-hopped on a regular basis. Badly so. In one paragraph, we'd be in one character's head; in the next, in a totally different character's. It was super confusing.

My best friend tells me only smart people can read this book for that reason okay, Bailey, even for you that's crazy. But I shouldn't have to stop and think about who's thinking every other paragraph!

Thankfully, I'm used to it. How can you keep track of all the POVs? It seems like everyone - even the most minor characters - got at least a few paragraphs where they had some thoughts to share in a limited POV, no less. The characters weren't likable. Marcus, Atretes, Julia I guess I sort of pitied them? Marcus and Atretes, anyway. I just can't bring myself to feel even the slightest pity for Julia.

And, since she's just a make-believe character, I guess I can hate her. I don't think God ever said "Thou shalt not hate thine fictional characters" Anyway, Hadassah was the only truly good character in the book.

She was a Christian and strong in her faith, so I guess that makes sense. She claims to have a weak faith. She claims to be constantly afraid. You're rocking it, girl! The book did seem to drag on a lot. Which is realistic, but Learn about sin. Don't spent your life reading about it. It's very depressing. I am glad I read this book, though. I know I gave it a low rating y'know, for me , but I liked it a lot.

It teaches you a lot about sin. I might skim a little if I were you. And prepare yourself for some tears, some grief. I cried at two places. I never cry.

Even with the world being as terrible as it is, God can't be stopped! He is there, He is all-powerful, and, if you are a Christian, you are free of all the sins of the world!

This is a Goodreads-only review. Bonnie Shores. Author 1 book followers. Oh, to have the faith of Hadassah, the young Jewess, raised by faithful Christian parents who were martyred, along with her brother and sister, for their beliefs.

Not understanding why she alone was spared, she never gave in to her fear and doubt, even as she was marched for a thousand miles, terrified and starving, and ultimately sold as a slave to Julia, the daughter of a wealthy and prominent Roman family. Her faith in and dependence upon her "unseen God" gave her a peace that surpassed the understanding of all those she came into contact with, including Marcus, Julia's older brother.

Through humble obedience to God's Word, she served well, praying constantly for Julia and Marcus and their parents, though they prayed to a variety of Roman gods. A Voice in the Wind speaks the profound Truth of the one true God and the power He gives each of us when we submit our will to His.

Baylie Clagg. After taking a couple of days I finally feel like I can give this a worthy review after processing my thoughts.

This book is raw and real and so is life and the hardships we go through. The characters ask questions about faith that are challenging but honest. The story of salvation and what it means to truly serve is evident.

I could easily reread this and get even more from it. The way this story stirred my heart for the Lord is overwhelming. I think everyone should at least try and read this story. Francine Rivers has done amazing things in these books. What an inspiring character! I just kept finding myself wanting to be like Hadassah. It's hard to love others like Jesus did Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs.

Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. Internet Arcade Console Living Room.

Books to Borrow Open Library. Search the Wayback Machine Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. Sign up for free Log in. A voice in the wind Item Preview. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Torn by the love for a handsome aristocrat, a young slave girl clings to her faith in the living God for deliverance from the forces of decadent Rome.

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A Voice in the Wind

WebOct 14, �� The first book in the bestselling Mark of the Lion series, A Voice in the Wind brings readers back to the first century and introduces them to a character they will never . WebChristian Gospel songs - Christian ebooks | Christian diet. WebPDF EPUB Download in Fiction Francine Rivers A Voice in the Wind Author: Francine Rivers Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. ISBN: Category: Fiction .